18 July 2011

I ♥ BOHOL: Balicasag Island

Island hopping! Yes! Finally going to see those beeeeautiful islands that Bohol is surrounded in. Your travel itinerary must not forget this activity for it's one of the main highlights.

First stop is Balicasag Island and from what I've gathered prior to our trip, one can do snorkeling, diving, basically, anything that can be done in the water. We were excited..I was giddy even if I don't know how to swim. Yup, that is correct, swimming is not my forte but I can float on my back. I guess that still counts, sort of. But that did not stop me from taking a peek at the wonders of the ocean.

At the start of our day, we woke up at 6am, we had our generous breakfast, compliments of our resort, and we had it at our simple table but our view was beachfront. Haha! What a great way to start the day. Just feeling the soft breeze and the sound of the soft waves lapping at the sand. As if beckoning us to go to the beach and enjoy ourselves right away.

We were supposed to leave at 6am bound to Balicasag Island but since we overslept a little, that very short time difference made an impact on our trip because we nearly  missed the dolphin watching. Well, we sort of missed it because we just saw their fins from afar. 7am was already too late. So my advice to travellers who plans to go here in the very near future, stick to the original time that was advised because they are not lying, it is indeed true. ;p

Moving on, we just enjoyed our bangka ride going to the island. Our size of the bangka was just right, not too small yet not too big. We had a lot of space to stretch and be alone with our thoughts. It was so relaxing! The waves are tempting you to fall asleep as they swing from one side to the other. I love this feeling! As we near the island, we were all excited and the water is so clear that you can see the bottom. And this was a deep part. Scary! :)

We docked at a rocky side of the beach with lots of sea plants floating, it gives an icky feeling when your skin touches it but keep in mind that these are plants so it's alright. Anyway, check out the photos below of what happened to us at the island...
The start of our day..around 6:30am 
This is what we have seen of those magnificent dolphins..just the tails and fins. People, do not be late. Do not be like us! :)
There it is! Balicasag Island! 
Look at that! very clear water even from a deep end
Welcome to Balicasag Island! 
A few snaps here and there..and here and there again..haha!
Weird name for a boat :)
Peaceful island life..Tranquility at its finest
Time to go snorkeling. Our little boat, the Sea Turtle, if I remember correctly, costs at around P250-P300 for all 4 of us already
Hanging on to dear life. For me, that was the scenario, manong bangkero did not give us any life vests.When I peeked underwater at one side of the ocean, I saw a deep end that promised bottomless depths (exaggerating!) but really, it was so deep already. I got scared. :)
But that did not stop me from enjoying it. Forget your fears! I even saw Nemo, by the way, and this big blue starfish. :)
I got this for remembrance. When I jumped in the ocean, I hit a coral and it hurts so bad but it became numb eventually that's why I was able to enjoy the experience
Tired but very happy. So worth the pain! Haha! :)

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