24 January 2011

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Gayuma Ni Maria (Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village)

Back in college, I was not able to give this unique and very quaint place a visit. The name was Gayuma and located at E. Abada St. and they offered dishes that are named provocatively. And they also have tarot card reading on some days. I was not able to go, I don't know why so I missed that. Then they closed down. Aawwww..

ut Gayuma has been reincarnated again and this time, Gayuma Ni Maria is the new name and located at Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village, that long expanse of street that contains a lot of small restos that are very unique, cozy and offers great food. Foodie lovers mecca. 

o one night, I decided to treat my dad and brother, and took them here. It was jampacked! It was a friday night and salary day. We were seated in a table near the wall that offers books and some stuff about love, sex and mysticism like witchcraft and wiccan ways. Cool!

The place. It was an old house, well not very old but not very new either. But they transformed it in the sense that they decorated it with knick-knacks and on the walls, you can see quotes, etc. But it was very cozy. And you can see judging from the people that eat there that they are enjoying themselves. Just laid back, laughing with each other, enjoying the food. And this place caters to all age groups. You will feel at home right away.

Love, sex and mysticism wall

The service. Our waitress Len was very polite, courteous and knowledgeable. Since it was our first time, we asked her what the bestsellers are and she confidently said what those were and that was what we ordered. She was fast and attentive. We really like her and we applaud her for her good customer service skills.

The food. Here are the pics:

For my dad, he had the I Love you, Cross My Heart (P195) consists of chicken breast with cheese, mushroom and asparagus. The chicken was very tender and the sauce just right.

Mine was Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back (P240) which I really enjoyed. It's cocoa-crusted cream dory fish with chocolate sauce. Even in my main course,chocolate follows me. But its heavenly, I strongly suggest it. Highly recommended. Even in the newspaper article, this was recommended too.

 My brother had the Rock Me, Baby! (P195) which in common definition is hickory barbecue pork ribs with rice and corn. 

And for the piece de resistance, the dessert which is cake slathered with generous chocolate sauce. The name is Beats Sex Anyday (P75). It's so good! No words. Just that. SO GOOD! yum! 

the satisfied diners..all smiles

h, I loved everything that we ordered that's why I really appreciate Len.

or our meal, I paid P690. No tax included. Just left a good tip for Len. And good answers on their survey form. I will come back. Definitely! 

Gayuma ni Maria
123 V. Luna Extension (Maginhawa Street), Quezon City
Tel. No. (0921) 681-8989
Open from 10 am - 11 pm on Monday - Saturday and 10:00 am - 10:00 pm on Sundays

23 January 2011

LEYTE (places I've been to..and want to go to again!)

I used to see it before in history textbooks and on WOW Magic Sing Videoke while wailing the night away on the microphone. I wanted to see it badly and when I finally did, I was overjoyed! And thankful for the opportunity.

Leyte for me means visiting two must-see famous landmarks.. one is the Leyte landing of General Douglas MacArthur and the American Liberation Forces in Red Beach,Palo back in the time of the second World War and the San Juanico Bridge that connects the provinces of Leyte and Samar. And also popularly known as the bridge where Lito Lapid (I think) jumped in for his movie. Hehe!

We stayed at the MacArthur Park Beach Resort and I liked their baked scallops. But this place is a little spooky come nighttime but I guess that's part of the travel thrill, if you're into that. But come daytime, the view is nice especially it's a beach front property.

Here are my memories:
There they are! Hi, General! :)
The resort hotel served oh-so-yummy scallops! We ordered, and ordered, and ordered...

Serenely peaceful during daytime

I just sat by a covered hut and took in the sights and for a moment, I had some peace

At last! I came, I saw, I conquered

It was prohibited to walk at the bridge because of so many fast vehicles passing by but since our driver knew the security, we were able to do so..bad! haha!

So is this where Lito Lapid made his deadly  jump?

see the starfish? this is in the shallower part of the waters

And now I reached Samar too..2 birds in 1 stone

ANGONO,RIZAL (places I've been to..and want to go to again!)

Sometimes you just have to look around near you to discover that there's this particular place that holds so many things special.

What I'm talking about..Angono, Rizal. This place is just near Metro Manila (without the excuse of traffic) but yet, it holds so many things beautiful.

We went to the Angono Petroglyphs which according to Wikipedia is the oldest known work of art in the Philippines. There are 127 human and animal figures engraved on the rockwall dating back to 3000 BC. And we also went to a bonsai garden..so beautiful!

Let me show you what I am talking about (pardon the texture of the photos)..
tunnel entrance of the Petroglyphs (it can just fit the size of  a van..claustrophobic!)

Here it is..Angono Petroglyphs

I wonder what's inside

beeeeaauuutttiful bonsai garden

everywhere I see bonsai plants

works of art of local artists

I know that there are still many places to go to there that still awaits for me. Well, you're on my list of places to go to in the near future! For sure.

20 January 2011

VIGAN (places I've been to..and want to go to again!)

I remember that I always wanted to go to Vigan because of its rich cultural ancestry. Our predecessors surely knew how to preserve our Spanish colonial history that's why it's in UNESCO's World Heritage list.

The moment that I knew that I had to go there for work for 3 days, I was ecstatic! Very happy, excited, but at the same time, anxious that it might not push through. And it did happen and I was in. I was bursting inside and out because of that.

During the land trip, I was drinking in the sights when we we like 2 hours away from our destination. I want the details encrypted in my mind.

I always wanted to go back there. I want to taste again the authentic Ilocos empanada and roam around the plaza and bask in the olden ambiance.

Here are some of my pics:
at last! i came, i saw, i conquered!

like what I've said, "bask in the olden ambiance"

at night..no other people but me and my friend outside the streets..kinda spooky feeling but it was ok still
one should never miss going to this place when in Vigan

feline company at the back

heavy! but cute :)

eewwww!! scary!

the pony who took us for a ride around the vicinity of Baluarte

this is the reason why I was there..work!movie shoot of our alagas for a film :)
I cannot never get enough of this place. Looking forward to a future trip here. :)

15 January 2011

PALAWAN (places I've been to..and want to go to again!)

Oooohhhhh..Palawan..that perfect summer destination..

I've been there but too bad, just spent some time there overnight. But at least I got to experience a lot in that short span of time.

Had lunch at Puerto Prinsesa's famous KaLui restaurant..bought a lot of cashew nuts because it was terribly cheap there..enjoyed a speed boat ride (even if the waves were a little rough that day) and lastly, got a quickie dose of Dos Palmas (yup, that resort where foreign tourists were abducted by Abu Sayyaf), well, it was a very beautiful resort, if I may say.

Here are my souvenir pics:
Love this resto!
it's not everyday that I encounter a red banana, so I just had to take a pic

photo op while waiting for the food

fear not!

there it is!!

i remember these huts on TV while the kidnapping incidents were reported on TV

13 January 2011

MALACAñANG PALACE (places I've been to..and want to go to again!)

Ever been to a palace? Well, I did, Malacañang Palace that is. It's not that I got awarded or anything, haha, but it was because my job before had me going there to assist in the awarding of some of our artists who won at the WCOPA (World Championships of Performing Arts) at that time.

Well, I loved it! Our field trip way back high school days did not allow us to step into that part of the Palace but in this case, since it was Madame GMA who honored them, then it was held at the reception hall that I only see from TV.

Security process was of course very tight.. and long..but that's SOP. I'm just mighty glad that I was able to have a few shots though it's blurry but still better than nothing. If I remember correctly, cameras were not allowed unless you got a permit from them. These photos came from cellphones which at that time did not even reach 1MP. :)

sayang, putol yung logo
not that he's my idol..but at that time he was the most popular..in a negative way though
post event snap!
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