31 December 2012

Crowne Plaza Hotel's 7 Corners Buffet = Total Satisfaction!

It's always nice to try out different restaurants' specialties but it's more fun to try out hotel buffets. Why? Because it is literally a one-stop shop for different international cuisines. That is what I love best about hotel buffets.

So imagine my delight when I finally had the chance to eat at Crowne Plaza's famous Seven Corners. I was ecstatic! Me and my friend arrived there on time and was excited to start.

By the way, we got a great price for this through the group buying site, Deal Grocer. It was my second hotel buffet purchase with them and I am happy on both counts.

The entrance to gastronomic delights! 
The food all looked so good. I just wished that they had placed the name tags of the dishes for our better appreciation. At that time, I often wondered what this, or that, were but had to trust my taste buds for the decision-making.
Shrimp with mango salsa
Make-your-own salad with some ready-made cold salad dishes
I found this delightfully weird.. melon with some cured meat strips. I just had one. 
Sushi, anyone? Just a small variety of choices but they were all good. 
Seafoods! Oysters, shrimps and......LOBSTERS! I think these were the slipper lobsters variety. I think. =)
Pasta station. 
Your choice of pasta. Order away! But go easy on these carbs or else, you'll feel full fast.
Sausages and lamb meat, I think.
Of course, buffets are not complete without the prime favorite among carnivores..the U.S. Rib  Eye steak
Desserts! desserts!  
Perfect for those with chocolate cravings. I basically pour this on my cake, cookie or anywhere I can  as long as it tastes good
Sloppy use but of the ladle but what the heck, I did not mind. I added to the mess, I think, in  my own small way =)
One should not forget to get some fruit to cleanse your palette. Some of the fruits looked pale and not so sweet but it  was still a welcome change from the flavorful dishes.

So here is what we had! Boy, we were so happy dining here. =)
My first plate. Yum!!!
I repeated this plate twice! I really ate a lot of seafoods. These were so good!
There goes my second lobster piece.  I just changed my sauces for variety.
My sushi tester plate. Beware of that orange one, it was really spicy. I ate one because I was feeling brave but truth is, I popped it in my mouth, chewed fast then swallowed..so I will not savor the full impact of the heat. So I guess, I cheated. Haha!
Nice! And so good!
Our complimentary drink,  hot Twinings tea. Aids in the digestion of all the glorious food we ate. 
I thought I saw wrong but I was right.. actress Donita Rose was the one who prepared some of the sushi.  I guess she was there for training. She was given positive encouragement by her colleagues. She was so intent in what she was doing and the result was out there. We liked how she made the them. 
Some more of the cold salads in seafood variants. I loved these all! Had several helpings. I wish I knew the names though. 
That's the US Rib Eye steak, a beef dish, mashed potato and fish snapper in a cream-based sauce. I liked the steak and the fish. 
Our choice.. Vongole pasta
My dessert plate. Just this. I was too full already. 
Pistachio and melon flavored ice cream. I just had a spoonful, that's it. It was good though, I was just full to the brim. 
Some refreshing fruits, of course.
The two happy diners. 
I liked the ambiance here in Seven Corners. People were not rushing at the buffet queue. They were taking their sweet time like what we are doing. Pacing is the key to a better appreciation of this foodie experience.

The only downside, liked what I have mentioned above, is the lack of name tags on the dishes so I was not aware of what I was eating. It was a good thing, I found the food a pleasure to the taste.

Overall rating, I would like to go back here again. Hopefully, in the early part of 2013.

Seven Corners Restaurant
Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila
(02) 633-7222
Operating Hours: Open everyday from 6:00am to 10:00pm. Lunch served at 12:00 to 2:30pm, Dinner served at 6:00pm to 10:00pm

29 December 2012

My Rizal Park Photowalk

Rizal Park, much known as the Luneta Park, is a famous tourist attraction and landmark that defines the Filipinos love for their country.

To cite some historically relevant events that transpired here in Rizal Park where these defined our nationalistic roots, let me enumerate them:

1) Dr. Jose Rizal's execution by firing squad on December 30, 1896. This unfortunate event sparked the fire of the Philippine Revolution against our Spanish colonizers.
2) The Declaration of Philippine Independence from American rule was held here on July 4, 1946 
3) The political rallies of Ferdinand Marcos and Corazon Aquino in 1986 that led to the EDSA Revolution that deposed Marcos ending his dictatorial government.
(Source: Wikipedia)

But it has been overlooked before but over the years, it has been developed to be what it was meant to be.. a public park that will make us all proud of its history and new surroundings.

It is always a pleasure for me to walk around here and bask in its ambiance. I find it truly relaxing. I will never get tired of going here.

Below are photos that I took from the park and some of these photos have details that I have only seen that day that I went there. It was fascinating! Let me share them now:

Luneta Park has lots of these huge bird houses at one side of the park. 

A bust of Lapu-Lapu. He is known to be our first Filipino hero. 
A line of busts of significant figures in our history.

A mother and child stone figure that I found amidst the grass in an obscure part of the park.
"A charriot awaits!"

Thomas the Train? Next time I would like to hop on this transpo and go around the park! 
Visitors who would like to experience this ride
A stone figure of a monkey who appears to be against the noise pollution around him. Cute!
A bit European in style but when you look closely, it is a figre of a woman garbed in traditional Filipino dress. 

Families having a relaxing picnic 'neath the trees. Nice!
With the famous Manila Hotel at the back

This scene really caught my fancy! This was the first time that I saw birds enjoying themselves on flat land here at the park. It was a pleasant sight to behold!

There he is, the monument of Dr. Jose Rizal who gave his  short life's works for the benefit of the greater Filipinos.  A martyr. Rizal Park was named after him in his honor. 

Also my first time to see changing of the guards who valiantly stand beside the  monument even in high heat. 
The landmark for Kilometer 0. Located right across the Luneta Park. This marker serves as the nation’s starting point when measuring the distance going to the different provinces and cities in Luzon Island and the rest of the Philippines.

Very nice! A postcard-worthy sight!

The Gomburza landmark. Fathers Gomez, Burgos and Zamora were executed  through Garrote  because they were  suspected of alleged complicity with the military uprising in Cavite. They met their deaths on February 17, 1872. 

Calesa detail on the base of their lamp posts. 

Of course, Luneta Park is a favorite spot of couples for a quiet time to themselves. 
More birds in action! 

Going around Luneta Park is free for everyone. And there are photographers available for those who would like to have a souvenir of their trip to this wonderful place. But still, beware of pickpockets. Always be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Before we go appreciate landmarks of other countries, wouldn't it be wonderful if we explore our own landmarks first so that when we go to these other countries we can tell the people there of what we have in our own country? Just a thought.

Enjoy exploring! =)
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