12 September 2011

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Big Better Burgers at SM Cubao

Thanks to this buying site, www.localroam.ph , I was able to avail of the 50% off the regular price from Big Better Burgers. Today is the first day that you can use your coupon and you know what, I was the first localroam customer who availed of the promo at this branch at SM Cubao! Not to mention, this is also my first time to try out this burger joint. :)
my fair share..Hating kapatid with my brother
thanks to this buying site..www.localroam.ph
I invited my brother and said to him that it was my treat and he readily went along with the invitation. Right after work, me and my office mate walked to the MRT station and I got down at the Cubao stop. I walked long and hard and the air was very humid so I feel a bit lousy. I was longing for A/C and when I finally reached my foodie destination, I found a comfortable spot and tried to relax..and I did. 

I gave them the voucher and my valid ID and listed down my name in their logbook and after a few minutes, the iced tea arrived. What a relief! To finally drink something cold, and I liked that the serving was not small, it was enough to quench the thirst that I felt. 
Then the Fries (with the skin on) and the PotatoWedges arrived with tomato ketchup. 

I munched on some while waiting for my brother. I was looking for a certain dip so I looked at the menu and ordered their Dill Onion Mayo (P20) which perfectly hit the spot. 
The wait for the burgers ceased as they delivered the burgers after 15-20minutes. 

Shiitake Teriyaki Burger
Hahalapeno Burger
I am loving everything! The fries are crisp and light and the wedges are cooked right. The dill onion mayo also worked wonders on my taste buds. The burgers are filling and oh so flavorful. Hahalapeno has a small kick, just enough for those who are not exactly fans of hot and spicy foods but adventurous enough to try something that has those aspects. And the Shiitake Teriyaki burger has a great sauce and I loved the caramelized onions placed generously on top of the burger. Yum! Me and brother finished everything up to the last bite. Winner!

I would also like to mention that their service crew are very friendly and accommodating. Perfect score for service excellence. So I wrote down a very good review on their survey form as this burger joint deserves it as well as the people working on this branch.
2 thumbs up! =)
This night is surely a winner! Let me summarize the savings that we got.

HAHALAPENO BURGER -           P152
FRIES -                                            P55
WEDGES -                                      P60
DILL ONION MAYO                     P20
2 orders ICED TEA (P35 each) -     P70

But we just paid P250 because of the promo. Loved it! =)

Big Better Burgers
SM CUbao, Araneta Center, Cubao, QC
(02) 709-3021

07 September 2011

FOODIE THOUGHTS: BonChon Chicken @ Ayala Triangle

I use to wonder what the fuzz was all about BonChon Chicken. They say it was really good. I did not believe it. But now, I am a proud converted fried chicken lover of this Philippine franchise from Korea.

The secret to this..its double-fried. First frying is to remove the fat and make it super crispy then the second frying is to blend in their supersecret sauce. Whoa! Just saying that makes imagine about it. It was that perfect! Especially the chicken skin that has absorbed already the sauce but still maintained its crunchiness, superb with a capital S!

The only minor downside to our late dinner is the Kimchi Coleslaw. I find it a bit bland, I cannot taste the 'kimchi' on it. But I will still give this a try next time around, not judging the dish on just one try.

But anyway, see photos below from our wonderful fried chicken experience. =)
picture perfect chicken which made me a BonChon believer
BonChon drumsticks - 12pcs for P720
BonChon wings - 6pcs for P185
Kimchi Coleslaw P45.. a bit bland
my officemate's takeout

BonChon Chicken
Ayala Triangle Gardens
Ayala Ave., Makati City

05 September 2011

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Banchetto (Shopwise Libis)

Banchetto...Banchetto...I have waited for a very long time and that time has come, finally!

With all the hullabaloo about this night food market, I was so intrigued. But it took me more than a year or so before actually trying this. I always pass by the Banchetto at Emerald Ave. when I come to work way back my Sykes days and I say to myself that I am going to try that. Many plans were made, and broken, made again and then, broken again. It was a crazy cycle. But thank goodness, 2 weeks ago, I finally had that chance. Though it's not the original that I always pass by before, it's still the same concept. This was on a Tuesday at Shopwise Libis.

Here's what I got, frozen in time. Check it out! :)

Salami Deep Dish Pizza (P120) - I just ate half of this because if you  eat it all, there might be no room left for the other treats
Kani Salad (P90) - the container was filled to the brim! I like the taste of lemon  on this,  takes the 'suya' factor away
Cheesy Potato (P40)
my friend's Binalot order
Pistachio Sansrival (P65) - Loved this!
Chocolate cake - so rich..so good..so bad for the figure..haha!
 Here are the other offerings of Banchetto:
All-time Pinoy faves!
Cannot go wrong with desserts! yum!
Deep Dish Pizzas..all for P120 per slice
Different pastas for P65/serving

K-Pop! Korean dishes..their best dishes available for us 
Japanese influences
I will try these next time
great desserts that are budget-friendly

Sweet endings for a night of gastronomical proportions =)
We arrived there, around 730pm, and the crowd was still fair in number but as the night deepens, so does the throng of hungry people looking for their meal to either start, or cap, their night. This first time experience was great! Weather was a bit humid but it did not stand in the way of the fun times. =)
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