28 December 2016

Photo Diary: Taipei,Taiwan (Day 2 & 3)

(This trip happened last 2014)

The long-awaited part 2 of my Taiwan trip!

I got so busy with work and other stuff that I have so many backlogs. I always imagined doing them but did not get near the goal.

So here I am, finally succeeding in doing so.

Memories of our day 2 and 3 in Taipei, Taiwan:

DAY 2 
Day 2 started with a quick stroll along Ximending District in search of our local Taiwanese breakfast fare. The change of the environment during daytime was very noticeable because their night life here is very much alive and kicking! Come morning, everything is slow-paced. 
There you go! Our breakfast find! It was like a pancake with egg and ham and it was so good. I can have this everyday. 
After fueling up, on the road to the zoo.
We made the long travel going to the Taipei Zoo. It was too bad that the cable car was not in operation that day so we took  the long route. 
One big attraction of the zoo are the uber cute pandas so it is a must-see!
There they are! But they just slept the entire time so we were not treated to a cute show-off.
Something to take home.

The zoo has a healthy collection of animals like these elephants.
This was a unique shot that I absolutely loved!
After the scorching walk at the zoo, it was time to have that late lunch. Since it was late already, we decided to try our luck at Din Tai Fung and we got in! No queues. We were seated right away and for that, we were mighty glad as we were bone tired.
Our lunch treat to ourselves! Not bad. All these for only around Php1,600+. Those Xiao Long Baos lived up to our expectations.
You will also be treated to the sight of the staff creating those sumptuous XLBs.
Come night, we did not go far, instead, we explored the Ximending commercial district which was also known to locals and tourists alike. So alive at night!
Our food finds for the night. That potato snack made a repeat performance as it was really delicious and filling.
This was something that I will never repeat again. The white bittergourd shake (cringe cringe). It tasted normal and sweet but the bitter kick will come right after. Never again but I'm glad I was able to give it a shot.
Day 3 started very sad for me. I got a message in the middle of the night saying that my grandmother passed away. That news got me in denial at first, not much emotions, but when it finally sunk in, I cried helplessly in our hotel toilet. There was no use rebooking a new return ticket because we were scheduled to leave that same day anyway. 
Lunch time!
Longshan Temple. It was being renovated that time but good that it was still open to the public.
The iconic Red House Theater found along Ximending. 
A cool treat for the sweltering heat. The shaved peanut ice cream roll with cilantro. Weird at first but it will grow on you.

See you indeed in the future!

My Taiwan experience was a great one despite the sad event that happened to me. The people were nice, food was amazing especially the streetfoods, money conversion was not a pain in the pocket for us and it was a cultural delight for us first timers.

Would I go back? Definitely! The food trip alone is enough to make you come back. =)


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