23 May 2013

Green Mango and Bagoong Ice Cream: A Uniquely-Flavored Cold Treat

Wow! First of all, I am so happy that my blog is working once again. After a 4-month hiatus... I am so back! Thanks to a very kind officemate who did me a great favor. Thanks, Ryan!

Going back to the subject of my post, I finally had the chance to try a special-flavored ice cream that I bet no one has thought of before. Nor did it ever crossed their minds. It's so unique that it's difficult to fathom to people I shared this experience with.

I tried Sebastian's Artisan Ice Cream's unique concoction...

Sebastian's has been in the business for a long time but I believe that this is just my first time to try it. And when I did, it was with a big bang! I ordered their Green Mango with Bagoong!

It is a green mango sorbet topped with sweet bagoong. Sounds weird? Eeeky for an ice cream? Well, you are surely mistaken! The moment the sorbet with a bit of the bagoong landed and melted inside my mouth, the flavors bursted with so many flavors that are truly delightful. The sourness mixed with the savory sweetness of the bagoong is pure bliss. Weird bliss that is, but bliss nonetheless. It also came to a point that I tasted tamarind flavor in between once combined.

In short, I loved this! And I will definitely come back again for the same flavor though I have to try their Champorado flavor soon too, and the Sapin-Sapin.

I love this picture! Made me crave for one while looking at it. This is a truly Pinoy flavor that we can all be proud of especially to foreign visitors who would like to try what is uniquely a Filipino flavored appetizer-cum-dessert.

For P140, I think the price is pretty reasonable. After all, you can't get it elsewhere. I think. =)

Sebastian's Artisan Ice Cream

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