04 June 2014

Erra's Ramen! A Ramen For Everybody!

For the past couple of months, I have been craving for ramen. I am no connoisseur but I do appreciate sipping and slurping on good broth every now and then.

I have so many backlogs in my posts but I have been to a lot of ramen houses and thought of having a mental checklist so I google these places or ask friends. One office mate showed us an online post about this very affordable place in Ermita and my brain automatically bookmarked it and made a few researches about it.

The next weekend, I finally got to try it! Yes! So here you go..
There it is! The unassuming place of Erra's Ramen. Located at the sidewalk along Adriatico Street in Malate.
They have a pretty nifty and tidy cart that carries all the goods. This is where ramen magic could happen, or not. =)
Pretty cool tools! 
The beginning
We ordered the Miso Ramen for only P70.00. But we requested for the broth to be spicy so that was additional P10.00, extra pork for P10.00 and egg for P10.00 which upped the total to P100.00. Still not bad, I say!

VERDICT: It was as good as the good ramen houses that prices this kind of ramen at a minimum of P200+ and above! I just hope that next time, they will serve the eggs like what they do in other ramen places..you know, the 5-minute wonder eggs that have the yolk in an interesting shade of mustard yellow and soft and creamy. Aji Tamago!
We also tried the Cordo (Cold) Ramen for P85.00.

VERDICT: This was interesting. They had ice cubes underneath the noodles and the sauce. It made the noodles more firm and very right to the taste. The pork was very tender it made chewing or nibbling on it a very nice experience. I admit this was not much to my liking but it was enjoyable while it lasted. 
The Tantanmen Ramen for P80.00. The coloration of the broth was similar to those of other places.

VERDICT: It did not taste much like the Tantanmen that I eat at Kichitora or Hanamaruken, not even close enough, but it was good to slurp on a good broth. I still finished it though. It was good in its own special way. 
Strawberry Shake for P50.00. Now this was so good! I had 2 of them!
Ordered this from Erra's Bar and Grill, which is basically the same place as Erra's Ramen but I guess it was managed by different people because we had to pay for this separately. I will  definitely come back for this, I promise!
This was our total before we additionally ordered for the Cordo Ramen. Such a sweet sweet price! 2 bowls for P200! I can't even get 1 bowl of ramen in other well-know ramen houses with that price. 
Sharing with you guys the menu. Come give it a try next time your in the area. It's worth the experience. 

I will definitely come back here but I am going for the Miso Ramen. Their selections tasted pretty good for its prices. This has been an experience that I gladly tell to my friends. If you are not iffy to eat in a non-airconditioned place while being exposed to Manila's natural elements such as pollution and noise then you are in for a treat here.

A must-try!

(All photos taken with my Samsung S4)

Erra's Ramen
Adriatico cor J Nakpil Sts, Malate, Manila
+63 2 3549509, +63 928 3474233
Open daily 12pm-6am.


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