02 August 2011


The latest craze in the burger world..KFC's Tower Burger! It got a lot of hype and a lot of people is curious about this 'towering' piece of meat, bread and veggies. 

Last week, salary day, some of us opted to have KFC delivery at the office and a lot has ordered the new Tower Burger. I set aside my regular staple when ordering at KFC which is their 1pc. Original Recipe Chicken and Coleslaw for this taste test. 

Upon arrival, off we went to the pantry and opened our individual boxes with the burger inside it. First impressions? The burger bun was big, and the height was definitely towering but it looks just like your usual chicken burger except that this one has one piece of hash brown on it and that's what made this burger look tall. I took a a bite, a la 'Princess-style' as shown on the TVC and it just tasted like what I've said, like their usual. Nothing special. Even the additional hash brown did not really add a special taste to this, just provided the extra crunch. That's it. We found the bread a bit dry so we did not finish all of it. The burger itself was on the dry side. I actually prefer the Double-Down Burger to this one. It's much more tastier for me. I don't see myself ordering this one in the future. But it was good for one experience only. 

For its price of P110, it is a bit hefty but it did not deliver. I will stick to my regular order next time, that is, until they have another offering to the masses then I will definitely try that. 

Good thing, my office mate and I shared in 1 order of large-size fries. Made our day! Now this is something that we are familiar with and like it very much. The downside to this, the serving was a bit less. Not filled to the brim. A bit disappointing because the price was a bit high and the consumers should get the best out of their hard earned money. But nevertheless, it made up for its flavorful taste especially when you dip it in gravy. Yum! 

Well, to taste is to believe. I don't know, try it our for yourselves. After all, everyone has different tastes. You might like it better than I did. :)

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