02 July 2012

The Bacolod Foodie Scene

Bacolod City..The City of Smiles. In Negros Occidental. That's my province!

For people who would like to visit this kind provinces, there are so many things that the locals are very proud of:
1) The people. Hospitable, kind and a fun-loving bunch!
2) The tourist spots. Just a bit outside the city is Talisay's Ruins, Silay's ancestral houses (3 of them are museums), Mambukal Mountain Resort, beach resorts such as Punta Bulata and Jomabo Island.
3) The food. The famous chicken inasal, need I say more? The popular pasalubong also like Piyaya and Biscocho, Napoleones and more! But more importantly, the foodie scene has grown. Aside from the usual commercial fastfood places, there are restos here that gives Manila's food scene a run for its money. That's a fact! And so affordable too!

Here are some of the places that we've tried last June 22-26:

Address: Central City Walk Robinson's Place Mandalagan, Bacolod City
Though there's a lot of Bo's Coffee branches in Manila, I have only tried it maybe once. Funny that I appreciated it Bo's more in Bacolod.
Almond Torte. I loved this! This was not my original order, this was my mom's, but when I got a taste, I immdeiately liked it. It was like Sansrival, that's why I loved it. Soft and bit gooey and just the right kind of sweetness.
Supermoist Choco Cake. For chocolate lovers, this is a good choice for you. The name said it all.
Mixed Berry Classic Freeze. I loved it! Just a bit of that sourness. Perfect with a cake combo because it does not overpower the taste, it just cleanses your palette so you can appreciate more of your cake and drink.
Caramel Froccino. My usual safe order. Anything that has caramel. This was good, a bit strong on the coffee side but still good. Perfect heat buster that day especially if you are having it al fresco!
Address: Central City Walk Robinson's Place Mandalagan, Bacolod City
Cozy and casual.
Was not able to try their Coolah Coolers. There's always a next time, like this coming October. Haha! I heard its good!

Quesadilla Veracruz (P165.00). Toasted whole flour tortilla stuffed with sauteed shrimps, onions and cheese..topped with salsa fresca served with sour cream. Subtle taste, the salsa is the culprit in giving this quesadilla a kick. It was really stuffed inside. We took home half of this. Really filling!
Mexican Baby Back Ribs (P220.00). 500grams of grilled pork ribs marinated in herbs. Served with rice, buttered vegetables and baby back sauce. If you ask for extra sauce, it's for free. Nice! I really loved this dish, the meat falls off the bone and there's more meat than bone. A winner! At this price, that's a double winner! =)
The baby back ribs' rice. Here in Manila, you can get an order of good ribs at P300+ minimum.
Bacon & Mushroom Pizza. (P150.00). A duet of bacon and mushrooms, combined with generous mozarella cheese. Very hearty and yummy. They sure are very generous in their ingredients and that's key in appreciating a great resto.
Mother & daughter tandem.
The unique ceiling fan. Too bad, it's a blurry pic. They're cute!
We stayed until closing time. A great dining experience. 2 thumbs up! 
Address: Osmena Highway cor. Montinola St. Victorias City, Negros Occidental
Halo-Halo (P49.00). The oh-so-Pinoy dessert! Beats the heat anytime. With a scoop of ice cream, you can not go wrong with that. Realtively cheap, yet very very good!
Turon Split (P39.00). A revelation. I did not know Mang Inasal have this in their menu. The turon, or banana fritters, is  still warm and crispy and when combined with that ice cream, its a sure treat. Very very cheap also. A must-try! 
Address: Level 3 Robinson's Place Mandalagan, Bacolod City

A small place that never runs out of customers. I know that I haven't tried this one yet  so since my mom and I are so hungry already and it's raining hard outside the mall, we decided to eat something first before we collapse of hunger. Just kidding! What made us try this was for the reason that I saw that they offer something that I have not encountered yet...
...and that is their Shawarma Noodles (P49.00). Honestly, nothing  very special but I find the noodles likable because it has a generous serving of veggies. The beef strips are a welcome addition also. Very pancit canton in taste. 
Since shawarma is not complete without its garlic sauce, I put some in my noodles. It became saucy, of course,  and okey. But I prefer it without. At least now I know what I prefer next time I happen to have one of this. 
Address: 8th St. Lacson Bacolod City (beside Negros Showroom)
An institution already. So many childhood memories here. Very spacious and unpretentious ambiance. What you see is what you get. Abundant service people to cater to their numerous customers. 
PechoPak w/ unlimited rice (P85.00 or P90.00). Breast with wing part. This place is now keeping up with their competitors by offering unlimited rice in their menu. Of course, when you get your meal, add a sprinkling of that chicken oil in your rice to super enhance the taste. It's good with or without it, but this is how it is authentically done. Eating with your hands is also a plus. 
Isol (P30.00). Or Chicken's Ass. Think twice before ordering this. Not for people with high cholesterol or high blood pressure. It is great-tasting but, .like what I've said, think twice. Me and my mom had a misunderstanding and she thought I ordered Isol but I said Baticolon (Gizzard). So we ended up with Isol and when we arrived home, her blood pressure has shoot up a bit. Lesson learned.  
Free soup. Always welcome to sip some hot soup to lubricate your  internal floodways, haha,  before  you munch on the heavy stuff. =)
The ever-present condiments. Sinamak (spiced) vinegar, chicken oil, and the soy sauce. Staples in your inasal experience. 
Love their chandeliers!
Address: Block 8 Lot 7 Homesite Bacolod City
Baby Back Ribs meal (P150.00). This is the big winner! Delicious, fall-off-the-bone ribs with java rice and achara for only P150??!!. Yes, it is indeed true. I had one bought for our dinner at my lola's house. Someone has recommended it and I'm sure glad that person did. Thank you so much! Consists of mostly meat and not bone, well-seasoned and grilled and the sauce was great! I will have this next time again. 
Address: 6th Lacson St. Bacolod City
 A new place that just opened its doors this year only. On Sundays, they offer buffet for only P250/pax. We were supposed to try that but opted out because of a change in our schedule. 
A huge place. This is just the entrance area. They have several function rooms  for those parties that would like some privacy. 
This is the airconditioned area. The high ceiling gives it an airy ambiance and very cozy too.  We arrived early so not a lot of customers yet but as time passes by, the volume of people coming in is in droves. The waiters are very friendly, accomodating and particular to the needs of the customers. Bravo! 
Grilled Scallops (P180.00). Topped with garlic and butter. One of my many favorites. I always look for this when I'm in Bacolod. For Mely's scallops, I find this dish just alright. Not that exceptional. But it was good. 
Kare-Kare (P140.00). Only P140?? That was my reaction. I just wished there were more veggies put in. The ginamus, or shrimp paste was good, we asked for extra. Just the sauce alone is good as viand. 
I had no idea why I ordered Java rice. It's so out of place. But nevertheless,  it still got consumed! Haha! 
Sizzling Blue Marlin (P210.00). 300grams of tasty blue marlin! Very afordable especially if you compare it to Manila prices. Loved it! Cooked just right. Garlic bits did not overpower the overall taste of the fish. I even ate the onions,.  haha! I knew that I was going home straight so I did it. 
Happy mama and daughter. Foodie bonding time! =)
For this particular visit, I did not get to drop by any Calea branches, my favorite desserts place in Bacolod. But its alright. I can always come next time.

Surely, Bacolod City and the nearby towns are competitive in the foodie market. A visit here is always worth it. People are hospitable and the entire place is buzzing with life! =)


  1. the food looks so yummy. Bacolod is one of my dream local destinations. :)

    1. Hi Wena, please do visit! It'll be worth your time. =)

  2. Never been to Bacolod, but all these restaurants has delectable dishes. Both you and your mom enjoyed everything that you ordered.

    1. Hi Claire, yes they sure do. I hope you include Bacolod in your list of to-visit places in the near future =)

  3. OMG! The halo-halo looks so inviting.

  4. the java rice is good with the sizzling blue marlin .i am missing Filipino food so much

  5. wooow!!! at ako'y nagugutom!! nyahahahaha :DD
    I miss Bo's... the only time that I can have some Bo's time is when I visit Manila or Cebu :( wala kaseng Bo's dito saamin :(


  6. OMG you had me at that moist chocolate cake and then had me again on that photo of that baby back ribs. :P Super yum! and then there was that bacon and mushroom pizza! :P I am officially hungry! :D

  7. Will try this when I visit Bacolod! ;) See you again soon!


    1. Try evrything that you can. So affordable there! =)

  8. Nakakagutom!!! especially the cakes <3

  9. Wow! All these food look so scrumptious! Btw sis, my mom's from Bacolod too. It's been a while though since I've last visited Negros.. :) Hopefully I get to visitmy mom's hometown within the year and go on a food trip too.

    1. Hi sis, do go on with this visit! A lot has changed! You will definitely love it there..food, places and the people =)

  10. Oh my! I hope we have all these restos in Zamboanga! Delicious food! ;)

  11. Wow! this is a lot... I want to go to Bacolod talaga.. in time..

  12. that's a sweet bonding with your mom. food trip! i got curious with the shawarma noodles. never heard of that XD

  13. Wow! In case I go to Bacolod please take me for a tour! I wanna try all of it! Stay gorgeous Ezarthlingorgeous

  14. The choco cakes looks really irresistible! :)

  15. Too bad we don't have Chicken deli here in Cebu. I'm a big fan of bacolod's flavor.

  16. These look great, I wanna try the authentic inasal! Thanks for sharing, we might visit Bacolod before the year ends.

    1. Hi Florence, try the Manokan County. They have rows and rows of authentic inasal there too =)

  17. funny how you liked bo's more in bacolod than in manila :) Ive tried moon cafe when i was in cebu and it was great!! and wow mely's garden is like heaven! super affordable but the food looked delish!! must visit that when i go to bacolod :)

    RK Manila Shoes , OASAP and FIRMOO giveaways on The Bargain Doll! Hope you can join! :)

    1. Yes, I find it funny too! Now I'm going to add Bo's in my list of options for coffee shops.

      Food trips in Bacolod is always a joy to do. They're budget-friendly =)

  18. Wow, food in Bacolod seems so much cheaper compared to here in Manila!

    1. Hi, yes, it definitely is! Same quality for much much less. =)

  19. Ooooh, now I will absolutely refer to this post of yours when our trip to Bacolod pushes through this October :>

  20. You made me very hungry by your photos :D I got a promo ticket to Bacolod but I didn't show up. I want to see the ruins but my travel buddy backed out so, cancelled. I really want to see Bacolod.

    1. Oh, that just went to waste! Anyway, there are lots of promo nowadays. I hope you can visit Bacolod in the super near future. The Ruins is beautiful! Let me share to you my blog about it when I went there last year..=)


  21. You have tempted me with Mely's Garden Restaurant's grilled scallops. It looked really really good I'm drooling!!! Yummy! I'll be sure to go there when I go to Bacolod! :D

  22. You're from Bacolod pala? Where kayo dito? Baka magkalapit lng tayo ng house. Hehehe. Btw, super fave ko puntahan ang Mooon sa CityWalk. You should also try their Gambas de Luna, isa yan sa mga fave ko dun, + syempre yung Coolah Coolers nila, so refreshing. :)

  23. Bacolod foodie scene is given in the post here. Useful post


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