03 September 2013

Naga City's Beautiful Plazas

Plazas, or town plazas, are melting pots for the community. Anything can happen: gatherings, tete-a-tetes, playground for children and many more. Since plazas originated from our Spanish culture, up to this day, we are preserving these places and has no intention of developing them into something more modern or simply, evaporate them from our lives.

Take Naga City for instance, they have at least 5 plazas that I have researched about. Before going to a certain province, I make sure that I research something about the place especially tourist spots and visit at least a couple of them. So, aside from their famous churches and the fabulous food finds, I have seen that they have very beautiful plazas where one can just sit down and drink in the surroundings and enjoy the moment. I know, that's what I did..even for just a few minutes.

So here are they (definitions I got from http://naga.gov.ph):

"This monument-cum-park ideally located at downtown Naga was built in honor of the national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. This is known locally as the center for public debates and discussions, family picnic gatherings and public recreation and relaxation spot."

The biggest plaza out of all 4 that I have visited. A very busy place with people passing by in a hurry. Dynamic is the word that best describes this place. 

"Located in the center of downtown Naga, it is home to a monument that honors the 15 Martyrs of Bicol. It was on January 4, 1897 or barely 5 days after the National Hero –Dr. Jose P. Rizal – was executed when the 11 prisoners from Bicol were also executed on the same field in Bagumabayan (now Luneta). The four others had either died in prison as a result of torture or while in exile in the island of Fernando Poo (or Fernando Pó), off the coast of Africa. The monument was built on November 29, 1926 during the American occupancy."
My favorite out of all 4 that I have visited! Why? This is centrally located. In front of the San Francisco Church and near a commercial area and the location was pefect--the big trees provided shade for the people and one can really relax here. And not so busy unlike the Plaza Rizal.  

"Located at Barlin and Arana Streets fronting the Naga Metropolitan Cathedral, the plaza and the monument was constructed in honor of Msgr. Jorge Barlin, the first Filipino and Bicolano Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines.  Barlin, a native of Baao, Camarines Sur, is also one of the fifteen martyrs who bravely stand for and died for the sake of the Filipinos."
A rather small plaza compared to the others and located in a residential area. Cute! That' was my initial reaction. 

"This newly build monument and plaza was for the celebration of the 62th founding anniversary of the City of Naga in 2010.  Plaza de Nueva Caceres commerates the history of Naga City (formerly called Ciudad de Nueva Caceres) starting from its  pre-colonial roots up to the Spanish rule when it became one of the four oldest cities and sits of powers of the Spaniards.  The monument’s inviting surroundings and relaxing plaza, meanwhile, shows how Naga flourishes and becomes one of the modern cities in the country and in the Philippines."

So what if this plaza is in the middle of the busy streets and near the marketplace?! They don't know me! Haha! So I took a painstaking selfie. =)

The 5th plaza was the Plaza Quezon which I looked for and asked some locals about but unknowingly, I have passed by and seen it already. The plaza has a stage and I think a basketball court so I did not notice its historical significance, if there was any. So I guess, I have completed them all! 
To summarize, in half a day, I have been to 3 churches, an eco park, and 4 plazas! Wow! And I just paid the kind taxi driver P500 for it, and I bought him some snacks too. That was a winner especially if you are a lone traveller. Two thumbs-up for that! =)

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  1. so many plazas in Naga! I like the second one too! :D looks so pretty!

  2. i love oragon , i have a postcard created with that picture. Are you from here?

  3. hi! ty po for the post on naga.
    i need this for my trip to naga.
    just wanna ask what is your transportation around naga?

    1. Hi, for all these locations, as well as some of the churches (in a separate post), I contracted a taxi to get me around. If I remember correctly, I paid php500-600 for that since I went solo. It was a steal already. =)


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