26 March 2011

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Four Season Cuisine @ Chinatown

I have eaten here before and it was an okay experience. Now, for the second time, my friends and I were a 
bit tired , and this quaint resto was just around the corner, we went in and ordered away. 

Sauteed Mushroom
SAUTEED MUSHROOM - P95. Gotta have my veggies! What I like best in this dish is that the veggies 
are still fresh, you can feel the crispness and the crunch with your every chew. Nothing beats that. 
Fast food surely does not have that.
MAKI - P60. I still find it a little bit weird eating this but its okay. Typical chinese fare that is a staple 
for some in their dinner table. When I eat this, I just put some sauce into it to make it more flavorful. 
This serving is good enough to share with someone. 
Fried Rice
10pcs siomai
SIOMAI - P120. This is a big order, 10pcs. This is the siomai that we are all used to eat way 
before the siomai craze appeared in the scene with all its extenders and whatever else. Hehe. All 
meat and all tasty!
Lumpia Sariwa w/ the superthick sauce
FRESH LUMPIA - P45. Nicely done. Vegetables freshly made and the sweetness of the sauce 
paired with the garlic flavor is a smash hit. And check out the thickness of the sauce! An insect 
would be trapped there if he dares to pass in between. Haha! 

This second visit is much yummier than my first one. The service of the crew still the same, 
accommodating and friendly, and the prices the same. I would definitely visit this again in the future. 

Benavidez St. Binondo, Manila
 735-3018, 736-9042

23 March 2011

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Momo Cafe @ Eastwood Mall

I do food reviews at OpenRice and they gave back to their loyal food 'reviewers' by giving cool stuff and one of those includes a gift certificate at any Raintree restos. 

was able to maximize that GC when I gave a birthday treat to my brother and I decided to go to Momo because it was nearest to us compared to the other Raintree restaurants. And also, I have dined here already before so I know that they would not disappoint. In this case, I settled for safety rather than being adventurous. Hehe. 

BBQ Riblets P450
BBQ RIBLETS - P450. Ooooohhhh...It' so tender that it falls off the bone. I loved it. We were all hungry and upon serving of this dish, we dug in right away. And I had one of those fat onion rings because they're all a favorite of mine. 
Old Fashioned Beer Battered Fish and Chips P395

OLD FASHIONED BEER BATTERED FISH AND CHIPS - P395. The batter was crispy and the fish meat was cooked just right. Just a drop of lemon and the flavor shifted, perfect! 
Grandma's Meatloaf P425

GRANDMA'S MEATLOAF - P425. A typical western comfort food. Similar to our embutido which is a comfort food to us Pinoys too. Not that I have any bad thing to say. Haha! I liked it actually. Especially sprinkling it with the special sauce that came with it. 
Norwegian Salmon P425

NORWEGIAN SALMON - P425. Now, this I really like! So does my dad. If I remember correctly, this was the first to go empty amongst all dishes. Wiped out, literally. It was cooked perfectly. Even the veggie side dish was also delish!
Cookiedough Cheesecake

COOKIE DOUGH CHEESECAKE - My brother has a sweet tooth so he wanted to have his dessert and this was his choice. It was good, for him, but for me,it was just ok. I'm picky when it comes to cheesecakes. 
Happy Bday to my brother! :)
 Happy Bday to my brother! :)
My second dining experience here was still very much worth it. We all had a great time and I was able to use my GC too before it expired! Whew! The staff were very diligent in calling me up..first to confirm my reservation that morning then second, was to ask if we were still coming, we were more than an hour late because, of course, of the traffic. But despite that, they still saved the table that I specifically requested from them. Pretty much a night to remember. :)

Ground Floor Eastwood Parkview Mall 
Eastwood City, Libis, QC
900-1006 / 900-1007

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Heaven & Eggs @ Eastwood City

Another one of those girls night outs that I absolutely look forward to. My friends and I were supposed to meet by around 7pm at Eastwood City, but lo and behold, because of the heavy traffic and the far distance from Makati, I arrived at quarter to 9pm. They were so hungry, so was I. So we decided to have dinner somewhere nice and filling. 

o we landed at Heaven and Eggs. They wanted rice, I wanted a cozy place so we can make chika.  

Manila Spareribs 1965 P295

MANILA SPARERIBS 1965 - P295. What a revelation! This was Maricar's order but of course, I had to taste it. The bits of salad, the yummy rice plus the flavorful ribs that is so tender and delicious made it a very delightful dish. 
salt N' Pepper Pork Ribs P255

SALT N' PEPPER PORK RIBS - P255. This was supposed to be my order but my friend, Joy, beat me to it. But still, I came out a winner because she gave me some of them. I like it even if the spiciness coming from the crushed red chilis was overpowering, for her, so I benefitted from that incident. Simplicity is still best. 
breakfast chicken teriyaki P260
BREAKFAST CHICKEN TERIYAKI - P260. Finally came to a choice. A sure winner, that I found out after having my first spoonful. I find the flavor mild but flavorful, the vegetables still crunchy and my egg quite ordinary, haha! It said on the menu japanese something egg but it just tasted..regular. But I still loved it. I shared my dish with my 2 friends as well.
I find the prices too pricey except for my friend's ribs dish but what I liked is that, since you're already paying a huge amount, they give it back to you by serving a generous plate which will really fill you up quite happily. That for me is very important. 

Also, I really liked our waitress because she was so nice and accommodating and always smiling. She heeded to our requests and served and refilled our water glasses proactively. We left a nice tip because she deserved it. 


Eastwood City Cyberpark, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagumbayan, Libis
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 912-1172
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