05 March 2011

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Gotti's Ristorante @ Megamall

I was with a group of people who are on the trail of new places to explore when it comes to enjoying good food..not necessarily expensive but whatever catches our fancy. On this certain day, the place to go was already decided almost a week before. Why we do that? Because we have to ready our budget for these gastronomic experiences. 

I've read about Gotti's from reviews as well as suggestion of other peers. So on that day, it was the right time to give it a test flight on our palates. 

So here it is..
Dirty Fingers
Dirty Fingers - P155. Crunchy and yummy and tender and the honey-mustard dip was wonderful. It was not at all boring, if I may say.
mushroom bruschetta

Mushroom Bruschetta - Now this I find a little bit bland..a little too light-tasting for my taste. Maybe it was because it was supposed to be healthy consisting of just mushrooms and some special herbs? I really don't know but I just give this dish an average for a score. 
creamy basil bacon pasta
Creamy Basil Bacon Pasta - P245 (to share size) Average tasting too. Nothing very special. The lot of us should have listened to our 'experienced' teammate' that we should just go with the red sauces but we did not listen and insisted on ordering this. Boohoo! But at least now we know what not to order next time we come to Gotti's.
frutti de mare pasta

Frutti De Mare Pasta - P275 (to share size) Now this was awesome! Red sauce really rocks! Saucy enough to cover all of the pasta and seafood contents were abundant at that time. I always prefer seafood flavored pastas with red sauces. I never get tired of trying these kind of pasta. 
mi mama's quattro formaggi pizza
Mi Mama's Quattro Formaggi Pizza - P296. So cheesy! That's it! And so good too. All those cheese combinations just blended well with their peers and made an explosive impact on us diners..or lunchers.. Haha! 
hunger..100% satisfied! :)

 hunger..100% satisfied! :)

The verdict? Coming back for more. The service was great too, by the way. Of course, not all restos are 
perfect in their dishes but thank goodness for food reviews/blogs like these they will get to know what people
think of their dishes, that is, if they try to find these helpful comments. But this place is a must-try especially 
for Italian-loving foodies.

SM Megamall, The Atrium
EDSA cor. Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
(02) 634-0348

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