23 March 2011

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Heaven & Eggs @ Eastwood City

Another one of those girls night outs that I absolutely look forward to. My friends and I were supposed to meet by around 7pm at Eastwood City, but lo and behold, because of the heavy traffic and the far distance from Makati, I arrived at quarter to 9pm. They were so hungry, so was I. So we decided to have dinner somewhere nice and filling. 

o we landed at Heaven and Eggs. They wanted rice, I wanted a cozy place so we can make chika.  

Manila Spareribs 1965 P295

MANILA SPARERIBS 1965 - P295. What a revelation! This was Maricar's order but of course, I had to taste it. The bits of salad, the yummy rice plus the flavorful ribs that is so tender and delicious made it a very delightful dish. 
salt N' Pepper Pork Ribs P255

SALT N' PEPPER PORK RIBS - P255. This was supposed to be my order but my friend, Joy, beat me to it. But still, I came out a winner because she gave me some of them. I like it even if the spiciness coming from the crushed red chilis was overpowering, for her, so I benefitted from that incident. Simplicity is still best. 
breakfast chicken teriyaki P260
BREAKFAST CHICKEN TERIYAKI - P260. Finally came to a choice. A sure winner, that I found out after having my first spoonful. I find the flavor mild but flavorful, the vegetables still crunchy and my egg quite ordinary, haha! It said on the menu japanese something egg but it just tasted..regular. But I still loved it. I shared my dish with my 2 friends as well.
I find the prices too pricey except for my friend's ribs dish but what I liked is that, since you're already paying a huge amount, they give it back to you by serving a generous plate which will really fill you up quite happily. That for me is very important. 

Also, I really liked our waitress because she was so nice and accommodating and always smiling. She heeded to our requests and served and refilled our water glasses proactively. We left a nice tip because she deserved it. 


Eastwood City Cyberpark, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagumbayan, Libis
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 912-1172

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