07 March 2011

Yey! It's the Manila Kinder Zoo!

I love zoos! It awakens the wonders of a child in me. It reminds me of childhood memories..going to the zoo with your parents..stories and descriptions of each wonderful creatures.

It's just so sad that at the Manila Zoo, they are having a hard time maintaining the welfare of the animals. Well, who can blame them, it takes a lot of money to take care of every living creature there. And not to mention, I guess, some of the budget goes to corruption. Sad really. But enough of that, I want to share my photos from before when I went to Manila Zoo's Kinder Zoo (redundant eh?).

It's nice that they have a separate area for smaller sizes of animals that children can touch and pet them without the big scare of being hurt by the bigger animals. Even I, a grown-up, fully appreciates this facility. What a joy!

Here are the only photos that I got saved in my hard drive...
So heavy! and the skin is so tough but he is cute looking here :)
Christmas colors are the theme of these two birdies
Such a spoiled pot-bellied piggie! But the caretakers mentioned that this pig  was a commercial model so I guess he can definitely afford being spoiled rotten..coz he works hard for the money! :)
Who's the faster of them both, the peacock or the tortoise? 

Pretty fascinating creatures, right? With those beautiful colors and looks, you can't get afraid of them. Visit them at the zoo now! :)

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