05 March 2011

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Koryo's @ SM North Sky Garden

I found a great find at SM City North Edsa's Sky Garden! 
I always pass by this corner coming from Trinoma to SM North. From the footbridge connecting the 2 malls, this is the first sight that would greet you. This tiny nook that has a legion, of course I'm a wee bit exaggerating, that you would notice right away. Because I'm such a curious cat, I also fell in line and patiently waited for my turn. And when it was time, I was greeted by the sight of cute potato wedges that were cooked until they were looking crispy on the outside but for sure, so soft on the inside. Plus this gooey substance added to it for the flavor. That was the only option that was being sold so I did try it and after my first spoonful, was I so happy to have patiently waited. Good riddance.
so delicious! Koryo's garlic potatoes

Garlic Potato - For me, it's deep-fried perfectly! So great tasting! Small, bite-size pieces that absorbs 
all the flavor of that special sauce.I read somewhere here in the world wide web that the sauce composes 
of mayo, rice vinegar, soy, minced garlic, and sugar. I don't know if that's true because I ain't tried it yet but 
I plan to do so one of these days. 

The verdict? Perfect! I love it everytime I buy. But sadly, from an original price of P55, it is now P65. I guess 
that's how you can measure the popularity of one product, prices go up. And the serving has lessened a 
little bit as well. I hope they can still maintain the original serving size even if they raise the price just a little bit. 
Calling Koryo! 


Sky Garden, SM City North EDSA, 
Quezon City, Metro Manila

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  1. same here. i used to buy the garlic potatoes regularly when it was still selling for Php55. When the price went up to Php65, i never saw a long line again.

    tried their rice meals too. the side dishes were good but the meat portions were pretty small.


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