07 March 2011

18th Travel Tour Expo 2011 @ SMX

To travel OR to travel? That is the question that does not need to be thought about for the answer is a sound YES! Life is short, might as well make the most out of it and experience what the rest of the world, or our country, has to offer.

When I read about this expo, I was so excited. Imagine, the whole wide expanse of SMX filled with booths that offers their own travel escapes. Since there is plenty of them, prices would be jaw-droppingly low. And I was right. Airlines, hotels, resorts, countries, cruises..name it, the expo has got it. I got so many flyers and brochures that it was a lil bit heavy to carry already. Throngs of people are still coming in despite the time being 4pm already. My friend and I came in at this time hoping that the volume of people has lessened out but we were dead wrong. But oh well, we're already there, we just braved the pack and went in our own way.

All the agencies, tourism representatives of each place has placed  a lot of effort into their booths. Below are photos of what I am talking about...
Looking for a safari package? They got it here.
Experience India...a dream within grasp
Our local Higantes..a sight to behold
Next stop..but save money first! LOL
A wonderland of information about fascinating places to visit
Sadly, I was not able to book anything because I don't want to rush but I got a huge pile of flyers that contains a lot of info that I need to book those well-needed vacays. Now, I just need to save to make it happen. That's the challenge. :)

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