05 March 2011

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Amici @ Megamall

Dessert time is very important for me because after having a greatlunch or dinner, my palate would often look for a sweet ending to a great meal. And that's why, friend and I had our desserts here at Amici / Cara Mia Gelateria.

t was my first time to eat here and I was impressed with the selection of desserts that they had. They had gelato, gelato cakes and regular cakes. We really had a tough time choosing our piece of sweetness to give justice to the rest of our meal that we just ate. We spent around 10minutes just standing and peering over the glass counters to see which one dessert would catch our fancy. 
sans rival cake
Sans Rival cake - i really loved it! it's so rich but not too creamy so it made me want to buy another slice but good thing I held myself back..
mocha sans rival gelato cake
Mocha San Rival gelato cake - I really love sans rival and this kind rivaled by classic favorite. It melted in my mouth and at the same time, the chewy goodness is still there
mocha straciatella
Mocha Straciatella - the taste was very strong so I think it made me wide-eyed while at the mall

The verdict? Coming back again, definitely. And the good thing about all these, the prices are all less than P100 a piece. Prices ranges from P65-P95. You can have a quality dessert without needing to spend too much on it. :)


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