05 March 2011

MOVIES: Unknown (Liam Neeson,Diane Kruger, January Jones)

Last night, after almost 4 long months, I was able to watch a movie again. At last! At Eastwood Cinema with my college buddies Makr and Joy. The movie? UNKNOWN starring Liam Neeson and Diane Kruger.

Eversince watching Taken which stars Liam Neeson as well, I have been some sort of a fan. I have probably watched it for more than 5x already in a span of a year. Loved it really.

Now for his newest film, I can say that it has a bit of that Taken action stunts and throws. Well, I loved it before so I still like it now. Nothing very extraordinary on the storyline but this is good entertainment. It takes your mind off your present concerns.

To make the long story short, Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) was in Berlin together with his wife Liz (January Jones) for a biotechnology summit. Upon arrival at the hotel, he realizes that he forgot his briefcase at the airport so he rides a cab driven by Gina (Diane Kruger) but they encounter an accident while on their way to the airport. Gina saves his life and flees as she is an illegal immigrant at Berlin. Dr. Harris wakes up after a 4-day coma and forgets about snippets of his life. He goes to the hotel to his wife but Liz does not recognize him and instead, another Dr. Martin Harris was with her then the plot thickens. He tries to remember key points to connect but to no avail. He gets help from a a private investigator and looks for Gina for help. His life and Gina's was attempted to be ended by an assassin out to get him thus making him more confused. He confronted his impostor but they both know all the details to his life, for a while there he thought he was crazy. But bits and pieces are coming into place and he finally discovered his purpose and eventually, his real identity, as an assassin, out to get the professor who had something big to share to the world. In the end, he thwarted the evil plans and saved everyone that needs to be saved. Then he and Gina, using his skills in faking passports, to get out of the country and get a new identity and start new lives. By the way, Liz was also a part of the group that planned the eveil deeds. Whew!

This reminded me a lil bit of Triple X that starred Vin Diesel and Asia Argento way back my college days. Bad guy that turned into the good guys. Loved it!

I'm an easy person to please and I liked this 2-hr movie. Not very exceptional but good. I say that this gives a good deal for your money. It's still showing in theaters. :)

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