27 June 2011

I ♥ BOHOL: Hinagdanan Cave

This is actually the first cave that I have entered. I was excited yet a bit fearful because I am not sure what I am letting myself into. But excitement persisted so off I came down the narrow stairs into the semi-dark void known as the Hinagdanan Cave.

Located at Dauis City, this is Bohol's most accessible and most popular cave. This was not included in our original itinerary because we were asking too much from a very reasonably-priced vacation & tour package. So we added P500, that's already for the 4 of us, and we got to experience this cave in the island of Panglao. A wish that came true because I was not able to come here on a previous trip because I arrived late, compared to my family who arrived 2 days earlier.

What I found out when we were down there, it was hot and humid. We were sweating profusely but that did not stop us from camwhoring. We went to every possible nook and cranny that we can go to and had our pictures taken.

One attraction that the Hinagdanan Cave has is the old writings on the cave walls. It looked like a snake with a human head or something else. You won't see it with your bare eyes but once a camera has taken a shot of it, it will turn up. Magic! Haha! Amazing! It sort of gave me the creeps just thinking what was the inspiration for that artwork but at the same time, enchanted with the discovery.

Our guide was a master at taking good shots from almost every camera. We were happy with our pictures and we gave him a P50 tip and after we left, we heard him say to a friend that he was going to buy a big bottle of beer already. Ah, life's simple pleasures.

And after our tour, the rain poured down for a good 30minutes. =)

So hot in here!
The water scared me because it looked very black and menacing but  lots of people were swimming. Ah, I envy them!
Pose! Pose!
I wonder how old these artworks are..
Going up! Going out!

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25 June 2011

I ♥ BOHOL: Dauis Church

Truly, Bohol is a province filled with wonderful people..terrific landscapes..and most of all, beautiful old churches. Very very old churches, to say the least.

Take this church, Dauis Church, located in the pristine island of Panglao, was started in 1863. The more older and original structures were burned down so this was renovated already. This is of Neo-Gothic and Neo-Classic in architecture. Once you go inside, it's a different vibe. A pleasant one that makes you think of its history in its early years during the time of the Spaniards.

I wanted to take lots of photos but unfortunately, my camera's battery died on  me. But I was glad to have taken these shots for souvenir. The sun was setting fast at this time and we were bone tired and a bit dirty but so happy with all the places that we have been to.

Our hard-earned money well spent. =)

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I ♥ BOHOL: Rio Verde River Cruise

You should not pass up a vacation in Bohol by not experiencing their famous river cruises. Your vacay won't be complete without it. 

My first time in Bohol..I did not experience anything. I was just in Tagbilaran for official purposes. My second time this year, last May, my family and I passed on the chance because of lack of time. We just took a picture along the riverbanks. And the third one is always the charm, like what most people suspiciously say, and we did have the chance to get on one and float away. Yay! 

I do not know the exact price of this river cruise/lunch buffet but I guess it was between P300-P400. We got it included in our vacation package , that's why. But our package cost was very awesome! 

This river cruise ran for an hour, along the Loboc-Loay river. It was so relaxing, just enjoying the feel of the breeze on your face. The food fare consists mainly of seafoods, chicken, pork and fruits like watermelon and some local desserts like kakanin. I enjoyed all but i liked the pork barbecue best because the meat was so tender and the glaze is sweet. The seaweeds are also great . By the way, drinks are not included on the base price so it's an additional P30..either h20 or softdrinks. While eating, we are being serenaded by a local man who croons old songs in his own special way.

After eating, we just sat back and enjoyed the view..the mangroves, the water, the wind..just communing with nature. Ahhh...sweet life. 


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24 June 2011

I ♥ BOHOL: Calape Church

There are only 2 churches in the Philippines that are considered heritage sites or churches with a Gothic-style theme. First is the San Sebastian Church in Manila and second is the Calape Church..or San Vicente Ferrer Parish Church as most known to local Boholanos. This is something that this little town is truly proud of. This is where most of my Boholano relatives hails from, so, I am proud of this as well. =)

This church was founded in 1802. Wow! Such a long time ago. Good thing, these churches are mighty sturdy. This church is so beautiful inside and out. The exteriors are very old in design and colorful because of its blue color amidst some greenery and the interiors is very monotone but its design makes you think of European designs. Marvelous! This church is a must-see, it's a winner and you won't regret seeing this. -)
Gothic-style San Vicente Ferrer Parish Church
at the altar area
I was glad to have had the time and attend mass..especially it was their fiesta that day
In line to go up the altar and pray to Calape's patron saint..St. Vincent Ferrer
at the grotto at the side entrance of the church
Calape's Munisipyo..so serene and peaceful in this town 
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I ♥ BOHOL: Albuquerque Church (in the town locally known as ' Albur')

Bohol is a province that I really really love. The ocean, hills, picturesque landscapes, kind people..perfect! Plus, this province is full of old churches. Almost every town has one. and a lot of them are centuries old already.

I though Albuquerque is in New Mexico in the US only but apparently not because Bohol has it too. But it is known to local Boholanos as Albur. They have an old church here that dates back to 1869. What attracted us to it initially was its facade. The trees lined up in the path made it so inviting, unlike other churches that seem so cold in personality per se. We just stopped by quickly for like 3 minutes, just enough time to take a photo, then hop in again in the car to proceed with the original itinerary. Our Bohol trip was filled with sidetrips such as these so we really felt that we got our money's worth. So great! And so fun! =)

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I ♥ BOHOL: Sandugo (Blood Compact) Site

A great view of the ocean..A small space with a statue of a group gathered around a table 'toasting' each other..That's the Blood Compact Site. This was where early Philippine history has started. Miguel Lopez de Legazpi established a bond of friendship with Datu Sikatuna during 1565. How? They made a cut on their left arm with a dagger, poured it in a cup with wine and drank it. That was how it was done in those days. Blood Compact. Sandugo Hmm...is this still being done nowadays? Just wondering. =)

There is another place in Bohol claiming that it was the original marker but hey, it was just a ritual. What is important is that it happened and of course, the significance of that event in our history. Either way, it transpired in Bohol.

You should not miss going to this place when in Bohol. It's not complete without it. The scenery is a big bonus. The view from this landmark is beautiful! Magnificent.

Check it out! =)

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I ♥ BOHOL: Baclayon Church

Bohol's most famous and one of the oldest churches (actually, the second oldest stone church in the Philippines, next to San Agustin Church in Intramuros) is the Baclayon Church. It was constructed in 1595 by the Jesuit priests. Now, they also have a museum that houses important relics that reminds us of the early Roman Catholic religion in the country.

This was my second visit to this church but I was still pleasantly excited to be there. To future tourists (girls) who would visit wearing short skirt / shorts, the caretakers there would provide you with a sarong to cover up your legs. They would not permit you to go inside wearing that, of course, as a sign of respect that we have to abide by. =)

We were not able to take photos from the museum because it was a bit dark and using of a camera's flash is prohibited. But there were lots of images and relics that, for me, were a little bit eerie. After all, these items were hundreds of years old. Haha! But seriously, I hope everything will be preserved beautifully because these are part of the roots of our nation.

Another marvel that Baclayon has is the mysterious image of Saint Padre Pio on one of the pillars outside. It was so detailed! The naked eye won't see it clearly but once you trained your camera and take a pic, it's so clear. Wow!

See for yourselves! =)

Can you see Padre Pio's image on the wall? Amazing! 

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I ♥ BOHOL: Prony the Gluttonous Python

I hate reptiles especially snakes! But for the sake of experience, I put in a brave front and entered the cage of Prony who is the largest and longest python in captivity. Aaarrrgghh! We were scared because he was staring at us.He wasn't moving but the staring will get to you. Haha! If I remember correctly, the caretaker said that Prony just recently ate a goat so he was not hungry. I guess that sort of comforted us but we still were jumpy. =)

Prony has a competitor in Bohol in it size, the name is Samantha. I was not able to see her but my family did. She was huge too! She is also a tourist attraction and she is located in Maribojoc. Check her out, for comparison. =)
Scaredy cats!
not Prony's food, mind you =)

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I ♥ BOHOL: Tarsier Sanctuary (cute little primates!)

These tarsiers are so precious and there is just a few of them left in this world. We must protect them so future generations will be able to see them too. How can we help? Even in the most tiniest of ways, we can do that. Example, when it says do not take pictures of these creatures with your camera's flash turned on, please do so. I have seen some tarsiers that had problems in their eyes, or worse, blinded, because some 'smart' people do not follow simple instructions. Poor tarsiers! They are suicidal, their numbers are low..let's take care of them. They make us smile with the mere sight of their presence, let's do our share by protecting their right to live. Like we do. =)

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I ♥ BOHOL: Loboc Church

I am excited to see old churches. Just being near it, kind of, transports me to a feeling of being there when it was in its former glory. Take this Loboc Church as an example, this was built around 1600s or 1700s, now that has been such a long time already. Just think of all the history that happened within all those times up to the present. Cool!

This church is not a part of the itinerary but since we are passing through this route, might as well maximize the experience and just have a few snaps taken.Twice I have passed here and it was closed on both counts,I think, but at least I have a remembrance. I googled the interiors of this church and it was lovely. Such a shame  we were not able to see it closely but well, got to move on. =)

The Loboc Church Belfry
The heat of the sun was soooo scorching hot!

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I ♥ BOHOL: Steppin' it up at the Hanging Bridge

Think of it as sort of a balancing act. Don't be nervous or else you'll go sidesteppin' and eventually, might fall down the Loboc River and get eaten by gators. Nah, just kidding. No gators but the rest is true. =)

Once you're on the Hanging Bridge, you'll get a heady feeling and just start to feel a bit of fear of falling down the bridge. But at the same time, exciting, especially if there are other groups of people going the same way and walk straight and fast as if you're not there. That's what happened to us but well, we survived! The river was brown in color that day so it was a bit terrifying for me because I have a minor fear of bodies of water. Chicken! But that would not stop me from trying.

This is just a short stop in your trip but definitely worth taking. Just feel the breeze in your faces! =)

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