24 June 2011

I ♥ BOHOL: Baclayon Church

Bohol's most famous and one of the oldest churches (actually, the second oldest stone church in the Philippines, next to San Agustin Church in Intramuros) is the Baclayon Church. It was constructed in 1595 by the Jesuit priests. Now, they also have a museum that houses important relics that reminds us of the early Roman Catholic religion in the country.

This was my second visit to this church but I was still pleasantly excited to be there. To future tourists (girls) who would visit wearing short skirt / shorts, the caretakers there would provide you with a sarong to cover up your legs. They would not permit you to go inside wearing that, of course, as a sign of respect that we have to abide by. =)

We were not able to take photos from the museum because it was a bit dark and using of a camera's flash is prohibited. But there were lots of images and relics that, for me, were a little bit eerie. After all, these items were hundreds of years old. Haha! But seriously, I hope everything will be preserved beautifully because these are part of the roots of our nation.

Another marvel that Baclayon has is the mysterious image of Saint Padre Pio on one of the pillars outside. It was so detailed! The naked eye won't see it clearly but once you trained your camera and take a pic, it's so clear. Wow!

See for yourselves! =)

Can you see Padre Pio's image on the wall? Amazing! 

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