24 June 2011

I ♥ BOHOL: Prony the Gluttonous Python

I hate reptiles especially snakes! But for the sake of experience, I put in a brave front and entered the cage of Prony who is the largest and longest python in captivity. Aaarrrgghh! We were scared because he was staring at us.He wasn't moving but the staring will get to you. Haha! If I remember correctly, the caretaker said that Prony just recently ate a goat so he was not hungry. I guess that sort of comforted us but we still were jumpy. =)

Prony has a competitor in Bohol in it size, the name is Samantha. I was not able to see her but my family did. She was huge too! She is also a tourist attraction and she is located in Maribojoc. Check her out, for comparison. =)
Scaredy cats!
not Prony's food, mind you =)

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