24 June 2011

I ♥ BOHOL: Albuquerque Church (in the town locally known as ' Albur')

Bohol is a province that I really really love. The ocean, hills, picturesque landscapes, kind people..perfect! Plus, this province is full of old churches. Almost every town has one. and a lot of them are centuries old already.

I though Albuquerque is in New Mexico in the US only but apparently not because Bohol has it too. But it is known to local Boholanos as Albur. They have an old church here that dates back to 1869. What attracted us to it initially was its facade. The trees lined up in the path made it so inviting, unlike other churches that seem so cold in personality per se. We just stopped by quickly for like 3 minutes, just enough time to take a photo, then hop in again in the car to proceed with the original itinerary. Our Bohol trip was filled with sidetrips such as these so we really felt that we got our money's worth. So great! And so fun! =)

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