24 June 2011

I ♥ BOHOL: Sandugo (Blood Compact) Site

A great view of the ocean..A small space with a statue of a group gathered around a table 'toasting' each other..That's the Blood Compact Site. This was where early Philippine history has started. Miguel Lopez de Legazpi established a bond of friendship with Datu Sikatuna during 1565. How? They made a cut on their left arm with a dagger, poured it in a cup with wine and drank it. That was how it was done in those days. Blood Compact. Sandugo Hmm...is this still being done nowadays? Just wondering. =)

There is another place in Bohol claiming that it was the original marker but hey, it was just a ritual. What is important is that it happened and of course, the significance of that event in our history. Either way, it transpired in Bohol.

You should not miss going to this place when in Bohol. It's not complete without it. The scenery is a big bonus. The view from this landmark is beautiful! Magnificent.

Check it out! =)

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