19 July 2011

I ♥ BOHOL: Virgin Island

The second island that we visited when we did the island hopping series is the Virgin Island. Most certainly 'virgin' because no signs of civilization there. There are the occasional vendors that offers merchandises from fresh sea urchins to cultured pearl accessories and even fresh buko juice for that beat-the-heat feeling. Very diverse choices, I say.

From Balicasag Island, I think, it took the boat around 20-30 minutes to get to this pristine island. Very small only but it gives you the best of all things possible in this natural environment. Clear water, a good snorkeling spot when you go beyond the clear waters invisible 'line' and a magnificent sand bar. Though at that time, it was  a bit high tide already so we did not get to experience the sand bar when dry nor walk to the far edge of it, but, who says that we did not enjoy it! :)

Immediately after setting foot on the glittering, hot and white sandy beach, we took in the environment and right away loitered around to choose a perfect spot. The sun was at its highest so looking for a shade was essential, so we can leave our things but at the same time, be able to see them while we are at the water. After settling in, we jumped in the crystal clear and cool beach like small children. Cannot get enough of it, not minding at all that we are fully exposed to the harsh rays of the sun and that our sunblock was helpless in protecting us. FYI, this is where we got burned to a crisp. Really! :)

Check these out!
There it is..Virgin Island!
Oh-so-clear waters!
I forgot that the sun was scorching hot. I did this position for  more than 20 minutes, I think, not realizing that I was getting baked! Haha!
Inner child in us..feeling free in the waters
Have some of that white sand

There's our special spot and our fresh buko. For only Php10!
And here is our tindero, the name is Raymond. Nice kid. He helped his dad sell their buko.
Loving the moment!
We got a starfish! Yehey! But this one is crawling, haha, I placed it on my shoulder and he was crawling slowly.Creepy feeling but okay :)
Up til now, we would still remember how this exact scenario played out everytime we  reminisce about this particular vacation... We just wanted it to rewind and rewind. :)
There's the tail of their famous sand bar that we did not get to walk on because its high tide, but we did some quality time on the other side of the sand bar just by sitting and talking while my friend's trusty umbrella was trying to provide us some shade
Back at Panglao... 4 sun-baked individuals, who, during this picture-taking session, was badly feeling the effects of a  nasty sunburn
You can really see the difference. Sigh.
For people who loves the sun and sand and some solitude, do not miss this spot. You will regret it if you do. :)

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