15 July 2011

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Circles Buffet, Makati Shangri-La

Who does not love eating? Everybody does. That's part of man's survival. But sometimes, man raises the ante by indulging in food. Food that is not your usual fare. Food that is considered a luxury, something that you do not get to taste in your daily lives. We do this for the experience and sometimes, to reward one's self.

I happen to get the chance to experience one of the best buffets in town..Makati Shangri-La Hotel's Circles Cafe. I dined here before but I just had their mango crepe and a shake for my merienda. So now, this is the real deal.

We got a reserved table ready so upon arrival at the cafe, we went directly to our place. The cafe was packed even though it was a weekday. Goes to show how popular this place is and a sure proof that people flock here for the great dishes.

For my 2 platefuls (yes, I just had 2), I filled it with shrimps, salmon, ribs, etc. To be frank, I don't really check out the names, I judge what to get first based on their appearances or how they were presented at the buffet table. Of course, when you eat at expensive buffets, you have got to taste their more extravagant or prime offerings. Which I did. But the dish that I really enjoyed the most was the rib with the mint sauce. The sauce complimented the taste of the ribs so you can't help but get seconds, or thirds, of it. A must-try!

And for my dessert plate, I was so full already so just tasted some of them, check out the photos below. The pie was great together with the milk sauce, I think. It was so soft and flavorful but not over-the-top sweet, just right for my taste.

I could not ask for more. Maybe just a bigger appetite next time around so I would get to taste everything. But this has been a great foodie experience. 

Circles Event Cafe
Makati Shangri-La Hotel, Makati City
(02) 840-0884

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