28 July 2011

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Conti's at Greenbelt 2

I am loving Conti's! We just walked from our office which is in Buendia corner Paseo in Makati to 
Greenbelt 2 so just imagine how tired we all were..and hungry! Good thing we were a bit early so 
usual Friday crowd and got a table at the second floor and we're set to order but it took us, maybe, 
5 minutes to finalize our choices.

Here they are:
Buffalo Wings P180

Buffalo Wings P180
Here is our appetizer..Buffalo Wings! More on the sweet side which I like best. The chicken meat 
was tender and the sauce poured on it was just the exact amount so it was perfect! 
Chicken Ballotine P225

Chicken Ballotine P225
My choice. I wanted to veer away on beef or pork so I opted for chicken. It was like 
embotido topped with a generous amount of sauce so you can never say that it's 
lacking in taste. That's how I want to describe it. I said to myself that I would not 
finish all my rice serving but If I remember correctly, I did finish it all. Tsk tsk. 
Beef Tapa P160

Beef Tapa P160
My officemate was craving for tapa so here it is. Just the day before we ate here, 
she already ordered Tapa King but she was really looking for its taste so it followed 
us here at Conti's. She was not able to eat all of it so I had several pieces of her tapa 
and I find it very tender and tasty. With drops of vinegar on it, it was fantastic! 
Seafood Au Gratin P240

Seafood Au Gratin P240
Another officemate's choice because she wanted seafood and something that 
would have cheese on it. Her first two choices were not available (bummer!) so 
she quickly delved into the menu and looked for her third choice and finally got 
one. It was delicious too but the seafood parts were a little bit lacking. By the way, 
I ate all of her Russian salad because she found it a little bit on the bland side 
but I didn't so I benefited from that. 

Of course, I could not go out of this place without ordering their famed Mango Bravo. 
Oh my, I loved it! I fell in love with it on my first forkful of this. Yum! 

Our dinner was great. It lived up to my expectations and that made me 
very happy that night. I am craving for their Mango Bravo right now but next time, 
I'll try to order a different dessert for the sake of experimenting. But maybe, I can 
order 2 cake slices, why not, right? Hmmm.. Gluttony! Haha! Let's see. 

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