27 June 2011

I ♥ BOHOL: Hinagdanan Cave

This is actually the first cave that I have entered. I was excited yet a bit fearful because I am not sure what I am letting myself into. But excitement persisted so off I came down the narrow stairs into the semi-dark void known as the Hinagdanan Cave.

Located at Dauis City, this is Bohol's most accessible and most popular cave. This was not included in our original itinerary because we were asking too much from a very reasonably-priced vacation & tour package. So we added P500, that's already for the 4 of us, and we got to experience this cave in the island of Panglao. A wish that came true because I was not able to come here on a previous trip because I arrived late, compared to my family who arrived 2 days earlier.

What I found out when we were down there, it was hot and humid. We were sweating profusely but that did not stop us from camwhoring. We went to every possible nook and cranny that we can go to and had our pictures taken.

One attraction that the Hinagdanan Cave has is the old writings on the cave walls. It looked like a snake with a human head or something else. You won't see it with your bare eyes but once a camera has taken a shot of it, it will turn up. Magic! Haha! Amazing! It sort of gave me the creeps just thinking what was the inspiration for that artwork but at the same time, enchanted with the discovery.

Our guide was a master at taking good shots from almost every camera. We were happy with our pictures and we gave him a P50 tip and after we left, we heard him say to a friend that he was going to buy a big bottle of beer already. Ah, life's simple pleasures.

And after our tour, the rain poured down for a good 30minutes. =)

So hot in here!
The water scared me because it looked very black and menacing but  lots of people were swimming. Ah, I envy them!
Pose! Pose!
I wonder how old these artworks are..
Going up! Going out!

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