25 June 2011

I ♥ BOHOL: Rio Verde River Cruise

You should not pass up a vacation in Bohol by not experiencing their famous river cruises. Your vacay won't be complete without it. 

My first time in Bohol..I did not experience anything. I was just in Tagbilaran for official purposes. My second time this year, last May, my family and I passed on the chance because of lack of time. We just took a picture along the riverbanks. And the third one is always the charm, like what most people suspiciously say, and we did have the chance to get on one and float away. Yay! 

I do not know the exact price of this river cruise/lunch buffet but I guess it was between P300-P400. We got it included in our vacation package , that's why. But our package cost was very awesome! 

This river cruise ran for an hour, along the Loboc-Loay river. It was so relaxing, just enjoying the feel of the breeze on your face. The food fare consists mainly of seafoods, chicken, pork and fruits like watermelon and some local desserts like kakanin. I enjoyed all but i liked the pork barbecue best because the meat was so tender and the glaze is sweet. The seaweeds are also great . By the way, drinks are not included on the base price so it's an additional P30..either h20 or softdrinks. While eating, we are being serenaded by a local man who croons old songs in his own special way.

After eating, we just sat back and enjoyed the view..the mangroves, the water, the wind..just communing with nature. Ahhh...sweet life. 


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