24 June 2011

I ♥ BOHOL: Steppin' it up at the Hanging Bridge

Think of it as sort of a balancing act. Don't be nervous or else you'll go sidesteppin' and eventually, might fall down the Loboc River and get eaten by gators. Nah, just kidding. No gators but the rest is true. =)

Once you're on the Hanging Bridge, you'll get a heady feeling and just start to feel a bit of fear of falling down the bridge. But at the same time, exciting, especially if there are other groups of people going the same way and walk straight and fast as if you're not there. That's what happened to us but well, we survived! The river was brown in color that day so it was a bit terrifying for me because I have a minor fear of bodies of water. Chicken! But that would not stop me from trying.

This is just a short stop in your trip but definitely worth taking. Just feel the breeze in your faces! =)

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