24 June 2011

I ♥ BOHOL: Calape Church

There are only 2 churches in the Philippines that are considered heritage sites or churches with a Gothic-style theme. First is the San Sebastian Church in Manila and second is the Calape Church..or San Vicente Ferrer Parish Church as most known to local Boholanos. This is something that this little town is truly proud of. This is where most of my Boholano relatives hails from, so, I am proud of this as well. =)

This church was founded in 1802. Wow! Such a long time ago. Good thing, these churches are mighty sturdy. This church is so beautiful inside and out. The exteriors are very old in design and colorful because of its blue color amidst some greenery and the interiors is very monotone but its design makes you think of European designs. Marvelous! This church is a must-see, it's a winner and you won't regret seeing this. -)
Gothic-style San Vicente Ferrer Parish Church
at the altar area
I was glad to have had the time and attend mass..especially it was their fiesta that day
In line to go up the altar and pray to Calape's patron saint..St. Vincent Ferrer
at the grotto at the side entrance of the church
Calape's Munisipyo..so serene and peaceful in this town 
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