12 November 2013

Ramen Love at Kichitora of Tokyo!

I have been craving Ramen these days and I confirmed that I love Kichitora's Ramen! That was a revelation.

The first time I ate here, I was more affected by its price so it was just an okay experience for me. That factor dampened the full impact of the food on me, I guess. The second time I ate here, that was the, like what I have said, the revelation! I liked, no, loved it, the second time around. It really is true that you have to try things twice before you give a final judgement.

What I loved the most? The broth. The chicken soup is exceptional. Creamy in texture and very rich in flavor. Superb!

The bestsellers!
My friend's choice -- the Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se. The description says that this is the special variation of the original Paitan Ramen. that has additional topped seaweed, molten lava egg and flavorful garlic oil. This is very filling and has much needed nutrients that our body needs coming from the egg, meat and the vegetables. I surely got the picture why it's a bestseller!
My love! Tan Tan Mien. Its made from Kichitora's famous paitan soup and pure sesame paste topped with minced pork, sesame seeds, green veregtables, spring onions, spicy oil and fried garlic oil. Very creamy. The play of different flavors bursting in my mouth. It's very much worth the price this time around. 
Additional order of molten lava egg, or Ajitsuke Tamago for P40.00 went to my bowl for added texture and bite. Love this. This will always be ordered everytime that I will eat here. That's a gurantee. 

Overall, I love everything! I find myself dreaming about these flavorful bowls every now and then. But then again, one has to watch their budget because ramen prices from quality restos can really put a dent in one's wallet. But..it's so worth it so that's a plus! =)

Kichitora of Tokyo


  1. I love ramen! I tried a number of ramen joints but whenever I want to eat at Kitchitora of Tokyo in Megamall, Yabu always wins. :p

  2. I love Kichitora too! I actually have another blog post featuring them, but I haven't had the time to post it up yet. Anyway, I love their Paitan ramen! Their Tan Tan Mien is pretty good too, but I'll always be biased to their original and zenbu no se. XD Their gyoza is a favorite too! Try it when you get the chance! You'll love it!

  3. this looks so delicious!! naaaww I'm hungry and craving for some ramen :3

  4. based with the testimonials given, it seems that you are going to love Mitsuyado Sei-Men resto too. Try it! :)


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