27 December 2013

The Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery: The Only One of its Kind in the Philippines

Historical landmarks? It's more fun in the Philippines!

We have lots of these scattered all over the country and we cherish each one of them as they symbolizes our rich culture and history and how it formed our beloved nation from start until the present.

One of these is the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery located in Nagcarlan, Laguna. It is the only one of its kind. An underground crypt that enshrines privileged Catholic families' tombs. It is 15-feet deep below the chapel and was built and designed by the Franciscan friar Vicente Velloc in early 1845.

More historical facts on this revered place is that it was used as a hideout of our patriots during the Revolution of 1896 by the Katipuneros, the Filipino-American War as well as the World War II. Battle plans were formulated in this very place, underneath the shelter of the church up above.

I made the journey to this place alone, coming from San Pablo in Laguna, and here is a rundown of my experience. It was great! I am very lucky to have caught sight of this national historical landmark.
The octagonal grounds, of Spanish colonialism influence on the architecture. Very pristine. Peaceful. 
The National Historical Institute marker. 
I loved this trip. It was enlightening for me. I felt very independent. Solo trips makes one appreciate more the history of the place. Well, that was the effect on me. It made me imagine how it was like during the early times of our ancestors.
The niches above ground. It surrounded the wall grounds. 
Entrance to the chapel.

Two flights of stairs going down to the underground crypt. 

A welcome feeling that was bestowed upon me was the coolness of the place. I loved it! Even if I was all alone. 
Centuries old crypts. Spooky? Not really. Well, I guess unless it is night time already. 
Couldn't resist taking a selfie. It's not everyday that I get to visit places like this. 
The entrance to the cemetery which was being repaired at the time that I visited here. 
Entrance is free. Encouraging a lot of you to come visit this magnificent place for a better appreciation of its history and beauty. 



  1. Glad you were able to see this place personally. Quite an experience, diba? It's one of the many landmarks we are proud of here in Laguna. :)

  2. Would love to see that as well. Will take note of that place. I wanna travel more on 2014! :)


  3. It's like a place from Italy or other European countries. I hope someday that through television this can be discovered


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