24 June 2011

I ♥ BOHOL: Tarsier Sanctuary (cute little primates!)

These tarsiers are so precious and there is just a few of them left in this world. We must protect them so future generations will be able to see them too. How can we help? Even in the most tiniest of ways, we can do that. Example, when it says do not take pictures of these creatures with your camera's flash turned on, please do so. I have seen some tarsiers that had problems in their eyes, or worse, blinded, because some 'smart' people do not follow simple instructions. Poor tarsiers! They are suicidal, their numbers are low..let's take care of them. They make us smile with the mere sight of their presence, let's do our share by protecting their right to live. Like we do. =)

Check out my Bohol 2010 Trip:

1 comment:

  1. bohol for me is an island paradise. i love the place not just because of its breathtaking beauty, white sand beaches and cute tarsiers but most of all the warmth and kindness of the boholanos. will plan to revisit bohol this year! cool travel blog lovelee! thanks. - nicko


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