10 December 2012

The Heritage Town of Taal: Casa Real and other things to see!

Walking is the perfect way to explore the well-preserved ancestral town of Taal, Batangas. Some of the must-see and visit ancestral homes and museums are near the other in one way or the other. And walking is the perfect form of exercise!

I have done other posts on the must-see places of Taal such as the Taal BasilicaGalleria TaalDon Leon Apacible MuseumOur Lady of Caysasay ShrineSan Lorenzo Ruiz Steps & Sta. Lucia Miraculous Well

Here are other points of interest that one should go to when in town.
Most famously known as the Casa Real. It was built in 1845 and houses now the local municipal hall.  Located a block or two from the Taal Basilica's front through its front steps. Not so big nor regal in structure but it definitely spells history. It is the only structure in the town that has tile roofs. 
My photo opportunity! 
This town is perfect for a walking tour! 
Photo on Left: The massive structure if the Taal Basilica as seen from the row of ancestral houses in its front. 
Photo on Right: Rows of ancestral houses that will capture your imagination, taking you back to an era that has passed by.  
Old houses that are being repaired or restored. Very good! 
This house looks like in dire need of help very very soon! I hope someone from the  owners or the local government  will initiate this project.
"Help me!"cried the old house....

Don Juan BBQ place is the most famous place to hit on when you get to visit.  They have a well-ventilated place that offers a short respite for weary walkers who have placed their legs in a tiring, yet filling, experience and exercise at the same time. During peak hours, they are packed with locals and tourists.

Here are the foods that we ordered: 
Chicken Inasal. Not really a specialty of this particular town but it still is a bestseller to diners. 
Ensaladang mangga and talong with kamatis. A perfect partner  to  fried or  grilled dishes.  I just  found the mangga  a bit too sour for me and the bagoong is not the one that I prefer. But I still had some of it. 
Tapang Taal. Finally, a dish that I've read in blogs that I got to try as it is a specialty of this town. Verdict? I loved it! Right amount of saltiness and sweetness that just whetted my appetite as I wanted more. 
Sinigang na Hipon. A good soup dish is always a must for Pinoys. One either has to sip/slurp the soup or  pour it  all over their rice for easy eating. 
Unlimited rice = Happy diners! =)
After a satisfying lunch, we dropped by the public market to check out pasalubong. I heard, and read, that their Panocha is the perfect pasalubong! Panocha is one of the names of  the rounded peanut brittle delicacy oozing with sweetness. It has been called many names but in this town, it is Panocha (see the round and brown thingies with the label, that's it!). 
Bili na kayo! 
Other delicacies to try here in Taal are the:
1. Adobo sa Dilaw (yellow adobo)
2. Suman with tsokolate (made of sticky rice and to be dipped in hot chocolate)
3. Kalamay (grounded sticky rice and brown sugar)
4. Sinaing na Tulingan
Taal is also the Balisong capital of the Philippines so it was only just that we give some of the stalls a visit. Balisong , per Wikipedia, is also known as a butterfly knifefan knife is a folding pocket knife with two handles counter-rotating around the tang such that, when closed, the blade is concealed within grooves in the handles. It is sometimes called a Batangas knife, after the Tagalog province of Batangas in the Philippines, where it is traditionally made. In the hands of a trained user, the knife blade can be brought to bear quickly using one hand. Manipulations, called "flipping" or "fanning", are performed for art or amusement. The knife is illegal in many countries such as the Netherlands, Australia, the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Germany.

Overall, this trip was so worth it! The cost was reasonable, I think, haha! See details below:

Van Rental share per pax (divided by 5) 900
Galleria Taal entrance fee 50
Apacible Museum donation 50
Lunch *** 250
Dinner (at Tagaytay)*** 250
Starbucks (at Tagaytay) 140
TOTAL 1640

***approximate amount

It wasn't really a 'tipid' trip as we were after our comfort during the long drive so this is good. Food would depend on you so one can save as long as they scrimp a bit on the food, or if they commute. =)

Check out my Taal, Batangas tour: 


  1. omg! those foods looks icredibly yummy! not good for me living in other country haha amazing places also. I advice to everyone that when we travel try to walk more times so we can discover more than we expect. hehe xx

    1. That is so true! Not only do you discover more things but also a great form of exercise! =)

  2. I've been to Tall long ago but never experienced the stuffs you posted. great post!

    1. Thank you! Maybe it's time for you to visit again this quaint town in the near future. Thanks again for dropping by! =)

  3. A historical trip, something I'd want to do if I have time. :)


  4. thanks for this thisislovelee! i've long been asking around for the taal heritage location from friends pero none of them can pinpoint where it is. this was actually my target trip last november that did not happen. now i can schedule this early next year.

    1. You are very much welcome! I want to go back here again next time. I liked it there. Glad to be of help to you =)


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