04 November 2012

The Heritage Town of Taal: Don Leon Apacible Museum

Just a few meters away from the Galleria Taal, is the declared ancestral house/museum of Don Leon Apacible and wife Matilde Martinez. Based from history, Don Leon was the Finance Officer of General Emilio Aguinaldo. This ancestral house is one of the oldest in this heritage town of Taal, Batangas.

Theirs is a collection of many antiques dating back to the 18th century and kept in pristine condition. It is a very old structure but once you set foot on it, it does not feel like it because it was kept in such tip-top shape. A great thing because our generation and also the future ones will still be able to visit it and have the chance to personally appreciate our history.

There is no entrance fee but a donation box is present so visitors can give any amount that they are comfortable parting with.

Welcome to one of the oldest ancestral homes in Taal!
The Apacible Museum, right across the Galleria Taal. 
Open only from Wednesday to Sunday from 8:00am up to 4:00pm only. Keep note! 
Formally pronounced a historical shrine on January 16, 1974.
This was one of the disturbing photos that I've seen. This man's lips were cut off because he was  suspected to be a traitor. Barbaric but definitely was a reality from the old  days. 
The group! Obligatory group photo first before embarking on the house tour. We were the only visitors when we came up so we  had the place to ourselves and we liked it. 
From L to R: The portrait must be of Doña Matilde Apacible y Martinez. And that is one big oyster shell or whathaveyou. It was really huge.
Spacious, well-kept and well-to-do people lived here..those were my first impressions. And it was!
Definitely not one of those other ancestral houses that seems to be so dark and brooding. The Apacible ancestral home is the exact opposite. It has an airy and "cheerful" disposition. I just don't know why. Weird! =)
I liked this spot the best! I can just hang-out here, it was breezy. By the way, outside the window, that was where they place their dishes to dry back in the days.
Rows of old houses. The town of Taal is one of the best places that I enjoyed the most. Laid back vibe with a lot of history in its midst.

Location: Marcela Agoncillo St., Taal, Batangas
Tour Days: Wednesday – Sunday
Tour Hours: 8:00am – 4:00pm
Entrance Fee: Free (Donations accepted)

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  1. i really miss going to old places like that..btw nice post :)

  2. I guess I should focus on Luzon trips next year, culture trip. :)


  3. i agree. the house is well maintained which does not make it look spooky. thanks for the schedule for visitors!


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