12 November 2012

The Heritage Town of Taal: The Shrine of Our Lady Of Caysasay

Another must see on this Taal trip is the historic Shrine of the Our Lady of Caysasay. Per Wikipedia, the Our Lady of Caysasay is a 17th century-old image that was found by a fisherman named Juan Maningcad who chanced upon the image as he was casting his net in the nearby Pansipit River.

The feast day of Our Lady of Caysasay is December 8 & 9. And many pilgrims visit the shrine to pay homage to the image who has given miracles to the people. Filipinos are very religious and firm believers in their faith and annual pilgrimage to this site is a clear testimony to that fact.

I was in awe of what I saw inside the shrine. Certainly not grandeur, but of a clear sign of the town's devotion to the image and all that it symbolizes. Here is what I have captured during the trip:

The Shrine of Our Lady of Caysasay. The facade is very simple and when you get to see the side of the shrine, the walls are different in texture and color. I wonder why they did not make it similar to the front exterior .. Hmmm.  
Another church/shrine to add to my ever-growing collection of churches that I have visited. I love it!
From L to R: The daily schedule and the painting of the depiction of how the fisherman Juan Maningcad got hold of the image. 
I really love the ambiance of places such as this. It reminds me of how time flies so fast and also of my religion.
The image painted on the ceiling near the back entrance of the shrine
The ceiling art! A must-see! From the outside of the shrine and upon entering the back, it was all about simplicity but when you reach the front and see the altar and the ceiling, it is a different story. 
I got to pray for 3 wishes as this was my first time to visit here. I hope it comes true. I believe! 
The altar

The floors look very..vintage? Uhmm, not the right word I guess. Antiquated? Maybe. Oh well, it's very old. That's it.
There it is! The image of Our Lady of Caysasay. Only about less than a foot high. At first I thought it was an image of the St. NiƱo but I was so wrong. But there is a resemblance. 

If you go this quaint town, please do not forget to include the Shrine of Our Lady of Caysasay in your itinerary. It is a must-see! Definitely! =)

Shrine of Our Lady of Caysasay
Brgy. Labac, Taal, Batangas

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  1. the church interiors is so nice. they seem to be old but renovated :)
    <a href="http://thebargaindoll.blogspot.com/2012/11/transitions.html:> The Bargain Doll </a>

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience! The miraculous Wells of Sta. Lucia are also a stone throw away from Our Lady of Caysasay! Check out the Official Tourism Website of Taal.. it has everything about Taal heritage town, including happening events! Let's help Taal thrive! Thanks have a great one! www.taal.ph

  3. indeed, the facade is unassuming but the interior is ornate.


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