11 August 2012

Treffpunkt's Allure..Honest-to-Goodness Sausages!

I love scouring Group Buying sites for the best deals that they can offer. For restaurant deals, I often want those that offer deals at a price range of P100-P300. If I get that, I feel like such a winner! But there are times that we bought a bit more than that like for a hotel buffet deal, but that was for a special occasion so that was alright.

I saw a deal from kuponan.ph for eat-all-you-can sausages from Treffpunkt in Cubao for only P105! Boy, that was a such a great price! So, we bought it.

The day finally came that we get to try it. I called ahead for reservation but I guess there was really no need for it because when I got there, I was the only customer! And this was on a Friday night. Well, it does not mean that business is bad, but I was just a bit surprised. I waited for my companions to arrive.

I always pass by this place when in EDSA going Northbound and I just wondered what  this place was.  When I saw the deal online, I was pleasantly surprised that they offered sausages and cold cuts and imported beer. That was a pleasant surprise! 
Upon entering this place, you will be welcomed by a not-so-pleasant smell emanating from so many things inside the restaurant but it will eventually grow on you fast. The place is a bit eclectic. A dining place and Ukay-Ukay shop also. But do not be turned off by the sight that welcomes you (ukay-ukay stuff), instead, try and take the challenge. It is their food that is the main star of the place. 
So unassuming! Our eat-all-you-can sausage menu on this piece  of scrap paper =)
The sausages
The cold cuts
The imported German beer. So many choices!
My choice: Erdinger Dunkel..with a promised caramel taste. For less than P100 only. not bad! Not really fond of beer  but I got curious with this one because of the caramel promise, but unfortunately, I did not even taste a hint of it. I think it's my taste buds that has the concern, not the beer. 
How about these party-sized ones? The kegs looks good to have as a display..and for drinking, of course. =)
There it goes! The first batch of our sausage sandwiches. 
In no particular order: We had Hungarian, Kielbasa & Garlic
The only "stickler" to this deal was that..you have to order your first sausage and you have the choice of a mandatory sandwich bread OR rice and you have to finish it all off before you can proceed to ordering your second sausage. So that means they serve you freshly cooked sausages! Quite filling, I tell you. But for the price of this deal, it was still a winner.
I ordered their Sauerkraut for P38 so I can add this to my sandwiches for added relish and garnish as seen in photo above
As a guide, here are the prices of Treffpunkt's sausages so that you know what to order when you drop by this humble yet awesome place:

Prices are VAT inclusiveSLICED or
FRANKFURTERBockwurst8   pcs. Per Kg.   P   372.00P   392.00
FRANKFURTER  W/ CHEESE8   pcs. Per Kg.   P   400.00P   420.00
DUCK HUNGARIANDuck sausages, spicy8   pcs. Per Kg.   P   440.00P   460.00
HUNGARIANSpicy Debreziner8   pcs. Per Kg.   P   388.00P   408.00
HUNGARIANWith Collagen casing 2314 pcs. Per Kg.   P   395.00P   415.00
HUNGARIAN  W/ CHEESEKaese Debreziner8   pcs. Per Kg.   P   425.00P   445.00
HOTLINKSVery hot sausage8   pcs. Per Kg.   P   400.00P   420.00
CHEESE  SAUSAGEKaese krainer8   pcs. Per Kg.   P   395.00P   415.00
CHEESE  SAUSAGEWith Collagen casing 2314 pcs. Per Kg.   P   420.00P   440.00
SMOKED  HAM  SAUSAGESchinken krainer8   pcs. Per Kg.   P   385.00P   405.00
BRATWURSTWhite sausage8   pcs. Per Kg.   P   358.00P   378.00
TJ  CHICKEN  Chicken sausage12 pcs. Per Kg.   P   429.00P   449.00
SCHUEBLIG6   pcs. Per Kg.   P   385.00P   405.00
WIENERLI15 pcs. Per Kg.   P   414.00P   434.00
GARLIC  SAUSAGEItalian Garlic8   pcs. Per Kg.   P   385.00P   405.00
ITALIAN  SAUSAGEOriginal Italian sausage8   pcs. Per Kg.   P   400.00P   420.00
BERNERWURSTWienerli  with bacon & cheese8   pcs. Per Kg.   P   444.00P   464.00
BREAKFAST  SAUSAGEWhite sausage with herbs14 pcs. Per Kg.   P   368.00P   388.00
CERVELATSwiss recipe - ideal for salad8   pcs. Per Kg.   P   372.00P   392.00
SWEET  HAM  SAUSAGESweet sausage8   pcs. Per Kg.   P   385.00P   405.00
BEEF  KRAINERPure beef sausage8   pcs. Per Kg.   P   385.00P   405.00
KIELBASAPolish sausage8   pcs. Per Kg.   P   415.00P   435.00
ANDAWAYVery Spicy sausage8   pcs. Per Kg.   P   415.00P   435.00
MERGUEZVery good for grilling10 pcs. Per Kg.   P   429.00P   449.00
ENGLISH BANGERGood for grilling12 pcs. Per Kg.   P   385.00P   405.00
BOUDIN CREOLEBllod spicy sausage14 pcs. Per Kg.   P   299.00P   319.00
For pizza topping or pastaHUNGARIANP   322.00
COCKTAIL  SAUSAGEWienerli, GarlicP   444.00P   464.00
CheeseP   429.00P   449.00
Hungarian, Frankfurter, CervelatP   441.00P   461.00
Bratwurst, BreakfastP   399.00P   419.00
Sweet & Smk.Ham, Beef KrainerP   441.00P   461.00
ChipolataP   400.00P   420.00
SMOKED  LONGANISA14 pcs. Per Kg.   P   275.00P   295.00
Menu grabbed from their website Treffpunkt Check out their other products! 

We were might happy and full with this sausage-y night! =)
The night ended and we were just the only customers. It was like we had reserved the whole place to ourselves and we were seated at the middle of the dining area, so that's a premium spot. Nice! 

Overall rate, I will come back to this place and try out their other food choices. Now I know where I can buy quality turkey cuts, in the future. =)

#18 Liberty St. cor. EDSA, Cubao, Q.C.
Tel. # (02) 438-8194


  1. those sausage reminds me of...hahah never mind, you are right there expensive dine out is for especial ocassion only

  2. freshly cook sausage, that's nice! But it's a bit expensive.

  3. I can definitely eat all the sausages, if without bread.hehe. :)


    1. Same goes for me. But for P105 for the sausage-all-you-can, this is quite an experience =)

  4. I love sauerkraut on my hotdog sandwich, yum yum.this post made me so hungry.

  5. Great place to have German food and beer in MNL. I should check this place out on my next MNL visit. Guten Appetit!
    Cheers from BER

  6. funny but i never thought that treffpunkt is a restaurant! haha. i might be ignorant. but good thing i saw this blogpost and realized i can get good sausages there :P

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

    1. Same went with me before. Hope you'll enjoy the foodie experience that they offer here =)

  7. woo. would love to try out this place with my friends! :)

  8. Hmm that it is an interesting place.. I definitely wanna drop by there when I'm in the area. Looks like you definitely got a good deal. :) I got hungry by this post.. :P

  9. I want to try their sausages too!!! I just checked their website and the regular prices are quite friendly. Will definitely drag the boyf here soon. Thank you so much for sharing about Treffpunkt! :)

  10. Unfortunately, Im not a fan of sausages. I rarely eat them so this place isn't for me. Hahaha my boyfriend loves sausage and beer though so this is perfect for him :D

  11. Not really a sausage sandwich fan but this deal is a winner! I wish to try the German lager though.. Thanks for sharing! :)

  12. This place seems interesting! That's a great deal you got.. If only there's no mandatory sandwich or rice then that would have been better! :)

  13. WOW! That's a lot of sausages! And for a good deal too! I'd love to see this place.

  14. This is an amazing deal. Good for you!

  15. Ooh, a bit expensive but I guess it's a must try :)

  16. I'm a fan of group buying sites too. That deal is great. But I hope the management can print a more enticing menu =)

  17. oh my, juicy, tasty sausage with a party-sized German beer is just what I need for the long weekend. I am drooling here in the middle of the desert!

  18. haha.. I am imagining while you are storytelling with your encounters. anyways, I find it very "sulit" we're the same. I want "deals at a price range of P100-P300." :)

  19. ooh, just look at that big can of beer, never seen something like that and for a reasonable price, looks like you really have a nice deal.


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