26 March 2011

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Four Season Cuisine @ Chinatown

I have eaten here before and it was an okay experience. Now, for the second time, my friends and I were a 
bit tired , and this quaint resto was just around the corner, we went in and ordered away. 

Sauteed Mushroom
SAUTEED MUSHROOM - P95. Gotta have my veggies! What I like best in this dish is that the veggies 
are still fresh, you can feel the crispness and the crunch with your every chew. Nothing beats that. 
Fast food surely does not have that.
MAKI - P60. I still find it a little bit weird eating this but its okay. Typical chinese fare that is a staple 
for some in their dinner table. When I eat this, I just put some sauce into it to make it more flavorful. 
This serving is good enough to share with someone. 
Fried Rice
10pcs siomai
SIOMAI - P120. This is a big order, 10pcs. This is the siomai that we are all used to eat way 
before the siomai craze appeared in the scene with all its extenders and whatever else. Hehe. All 
meat and all tasty!
Lumpia Sariwa w/ the superthick sauce
FRESH LUMPIA - P45. Nicely done. Vegetables freshly made and the sweetness of the sauce 
paired with the garlic flavor is a smash hit. And check out the thickness of the sauce! An insect 
would be trapped there if he dares to pass in between. Haha! 

This second visit is much yummier than my first one. The service of the crew still the same, 
accommodating and friendly, and the prices the same. I would definitely visit this again in the future. 

Benavidez St. Binondo, Manila
 735-3018, 736-9042

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