23 March 2011

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Figaro @ Gateway Mall

I was just at the office, doing my job, when I was called by the security guard because someone was looking for me outside our office. I was puzzled because I was not expecting anyone, so I went out and I saw two women who introduced themselves to me and their product andI could not get out so I listened. 

o make the long story short, they were able to persuade me to buy their card. It would give me a lot of privileges and some freebies at Figaro. All for a price of P399. 

bought it.

his has an expiry date, by the way. So before that date approaches, I have to maximize my 'new' card. So I went to the nearest Figaro and decided to give it a try. The coupons were a mass of choices and I made my decisions.

get discounts and freebies with this card

get discounts and freebies with this card
Tuscan Chicken & Pesto pasta
TUSCAN CHICKEN & PESTO PASTA - The serving is just right, not too big but not too small also. I loved the sauce on the chicken because its very garlick-y and I loved it. The chicken was very tender and the pesto pasta complimented the dish. Plus some salad on the side provided me my green leafy veggies. And this dish came with a regular-sized iced tea.
free Garlic & Cheese pizza
GARLIC & CHEESE PIZZA - uhm, just alright. It came a bit too crispy and hard for my pizza taste but well, my brother was able to finish it all off. 
Dory Provencal
DORY PROVENCAL - The cream dory fish was so soft and I loved it too. I gave this dish to my brother but of course, I had to taste it. I forgot the name of the pasta but it was okay, not great, but good. Served with salad and drinks too.
salad siding
What can I say? For my first time using the card, I paid for everything for just P200!! It's quite a steal! 2 full meals and 1 free cute pizza., why not. 

Now, im thinking how to use it on my second visit to maximize again the card use. I found a winner. 

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