03 January 2012

DAY 1- Talisay's pride...The Ruins (The Bacolod-Guimaras-Iloilo Trip)

Before I heard of Silay's Ancestral Houses, I heard first of Talisay's pride which is The Ruins. It took me a year after my mom, dad and brother has seen this place before I did. I envied them when they showed me the pictures and I said to myself that the next time I go to Bacolod, I will definitely see this place. By hook or by crook.

And that day finally came, tagging my friends along for this experience, and we were enchanted with the place! We were rushing from one place to another the whole day. Let me enumerate what we did so far:

1) Early arrival at the Silay Airport (around 6am)
2) Early check-in at the Tamera Plaza Inn
3) 2.5-3hrs travel going to Escalante City's Barcelona port to ride the motor boat going to Jomabo Island. On the way back, same travel time. (I think it took us a bit longer than the original travel time because the roads were under construction so it was a bit of a bumpy ride. Good thing the van of the agency was very comfy)
4) Had the tour of the Jalandoni ancestral house, then visited the Balay Negrense and HofileƱa House for photo ops only
5) Dropped by at the El Ideal Bakery to buy some of that famous Guapple Pie
6) Photo op at the San Diego Pro-Cathedral

Whew! Action-packed day! But it does not end there, not by a long shot. =)

We arrived at The Ruins with just enough sunlight to take some photos so we took the opportunity fast and scattered around to take shots. At this time, there's still a number of visitors present, basking in the beauty of this old and regal structure. You can really see the age of the structure but see the strength as well. Even if this has been burned down already, it still stands tall up to this date. Weathered but still still unbeaten.

The Ruins has many facets..it can sometimes look enchanting, sometimes dark and brooding (like the photos that we got), remote and also enchanting. But despite all that, the sight is very welcoming. Welcoming the visitors to explore the history of this place. A grand mansion built by sugar baron, Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson for his first wife, Maria Braga, a Portuguese from Macau whom he met in Hongkong. Then it was burned down during the World War II to prevent the Japanese Army from using it as their headquarters. For days it burned but because of the strong foundation, it withstood the test and lived to tell its story to us. Ahhh, so rich in history. If only the walls could talk. 

Check out the best part of our tour:  

This fountain 'breathes' life into the place
Eerily beautiful
If only the walls could talk..then for sure, I'd run scared =)
The night is still young
Don  Mariano Ledesma Lacson and wife, Maria Braga

See you again next time. I will come back here during broad daylight so I can experience another one of The Ruins' many facets
We were so taken in with the place and the serenity one feels when surrounded by a beauty such as this. We were happy to have finally arrived and experienced The Ruins of Talisay. You should never miss coming to this place when you're in town. =)

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