03 January 2012

DAY 1-Dinner @ Imay's & Dessert @ Calea (The Bacolod-Guimaras-Iloilo Trip)

I love the restos here in Bacolod. There are so many choices of restaurants, whether offering local fare or international, but best of all, the prices are so reasonable. Some are, actually, quite cheap, but still very delicious.

We were so tired already because we've been to a million places in just one day, exaggerating, I know, but that's how it feels like. But happy, of course. It's a fulfillment to have your itinerary done down to the last in the list. So because of that, a reward for ourselves is in place --DINNER time! After all, we just ate a very simple meal at Jomabo Island and the delicious Guapple Pie was not enough to replenish our energy to keep us going for our next day's adventure so we are definitely going to eat heartily. Yes!

Our original plan was to eat at the Pala-Pala place, however, 2 in our group felt already that their body is telling them to drink meds and take some rest so we did not push with it. It's also expensive if you eat there and there's just 3 of you. Instead, we just opted for the next best thing which is to dine in at one of Bacolod's restos that are known to visitors..Imay's!

I've eaten here like 2x already so it's tried and tested and I wanted my friend to have a nice foodie experience so I brought her here. I also invited my cousin to accompany us. He brought along his close friend but they weren't hungry so it was just me and my friend who ate dinner..while we all talked about our experiences for the day.

Here's what me and my friend has ordered:
Grilled Scallops for P120. My favorite and usual order.
Tofu w/ Mixed Vegetables for P110. Such a big serving. I'm not complaining, justy saying that I liked it =)
300grams Grilled Manumbok (Blue Marlin) for only a freaking P215!! Cheap price crazy! Loved it! 
Sizzling Pork Sisig for P100 only
Plain Rice (P20) and Garlic Rice (P24)
Check out some of the prices: 

After our delicious and filling meal, I wanted my friends to experience Calea. I consider it as the best dessert place in the Philippines. That's how strong my feelings are for this place. One of these days, I'm going to make a compilation on pictures that I had in this place from years back. =)

So from Imay's at 6th St., we walked a few blocks to where the new location of Calea is which is still near the L'Fisher Hotel. The walk did us good so we made more room for dessert. Upon reaching the new place,I found it too commercialized, losing its cozy appeal, but I still like it though. 

THE BAD EXPERIENCE (turned positive)
Something happened inside that nearly blew my top. Since the place was buzzing with customers, the attendants that night were quite short and did not know which customer to tend to first. Since it was my friends' first time and they were appreciating all the cakes that were in display, we did not mind that we were not approached by an attendant but we do see them roaming around. So when we finally made up our minds on what to order and approached the cashier to state our orders, the girl informed me that they were closed already. Because it was already 10pm! What the heck! I said maybe they could make an exception since we arrived there by around 9:45pm and no one was getting our orders (but we do see them getting the orders from other customers). Cashier still said NO and I got infuriated knowing that we were safely inside before their last order-taking. Basically, after saying NO, we were being set aside as they continue to finish their other tasks. I find that very rude. We said that we can have it to go but its still a NO for us. I asked for the manager but the cashier said that she/he wasn't there so we felt hopeless. After all the excitement I saw in my friends' faces upon seeing Calea's cakes, I could not let it go like that. There was another customer with the same concern with ours and we still tried to talk to the cashier. Finally, one of senior attendants, I think, said to the cashier to accept our orders. Finally! We won. Good thing the night still ended positively on our side,  or else, it could have ruined the day for me. =0

dessert 7th heaven! =)
Choosing what to order was not an easy task..as pleasurable as it seems. So many yummy choices!

This is what I ended up with..Sansrival. For a change, I did not order my usual  Blueberry Cheesecake. 
I still don't hate Calea even after that rude experience,but I just don't like the cashier.

The cakes did not disappoint and the prices per slice ranged from P75-P85. I was not able to take photos of  my friends' orders as we separated for the night already and was too tired to remember it at that time. But they said they were happy. I believed them because the same goes for me.

The night ended fruitful still as we completed our itinerary for the Day 1 of this Bacolod-Iloilo-Guimaras trip.

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  1. wow! (*_*) bacolod, guimaras and ilolo are now officially included in my MUST visit list :D thanks for this lovelee -nicko

  2. welcome!=) that is true, these places are a must-see when you visit this region. very beautiful!

    watch out for my other posts, i'm not done yet actually with iloilo and guimaras. just waiting for inspiration to drop by. hehe. very soon! =)


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