29 December 2011

DAY 1- Silay's El Ideal Bakery (The Bacolod-Guimaras-Iloilo Trip)

Guapple Pie? Never heard of it before but it has been a word of mouth from people who have tasted this in one of Silay's oldest and famous landmarks which is the El Ideal Bakery. Old because this bakery was established around the early 1920s, just like the rest of the ancestral houses surrounding this quaint city. They offer other products but this Guapple Pie is the one that really sets them apart, making them a favorite destination for travelers who are exploring Negros Occidental. A must on their itineraries.

Located at 118 Rizal St., the location itself is a heritage house (Cesar Lacson Locsin ancestral house), and located along a main road so this is not difficult to find. Plus, it's near a couple of ancestral houses that are opened to the public like Balay Negrense. 

Check out our visit to this famous place: 
Finally! Pies, anyone?  =)

A lot of customers that day. They are really popular! 
Other products that they have, wow organic stuff! 
Diverse is the word. So many other products to catch your fancy. 
Ta-dah! Of course, the pies. That's what we came here for. At last! 
Take your pick
The famed Guapple Pie..very affordable and delicious!
Whatta bite! =)
happy customers
Now that is another place checked out from our itinerary. Problem solved!

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