28 December 2011

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Cocoa Rock Salt & Cheese at Happy Lemon = LOVE at first sip

I wondered what the fuss was all about. It took some time before I finally tried this very popular beverage place. I thought it was just another one of those overpriced places that I really dislike but can't help but to go to everytime I hit a craving moment for sweetness.

So when officemates and I were at the Eastwood Mall, the moment that I have been waiting for has finally arrived and I will finally get to taste what the conundrum was all about. :)

There was a short queue so thank goodness for that. I followed suit on what my friends ordered and that is their Cocoa Rock Salt and Cheese. Sounds weird. Happy Lemon was right beside Starbucks but I guess both places are confident with their market as well as knowing that what they offer are different. Starbucks was filled with customers, so does happy Lemon. Both have their own 'happy' market. Then we're just waiting for our names to be called and get our drinks.

I love my drink! No other feelings but pure bliss while sipping it. The cocoa drink was not sweet but the creamy topping was a bit on the sweet side that really made me happy. After all, I'm bone tired but I forgot that tiredness for a while while indulging in this drink. That's all I can say.

My first time so I guess it deserves a well-deserved snap :)

YUM! That's all I can say :)
Love Love it!
For its rich taste, I guess the price is worth it. 
If it's worth mentioning, after a few days, I have already tried Happy Lemon's Yakult Green Tea at Trinoma because, unfortunately, Rock salt and Cheese variants are all sold out. Darn!  And my take on this, I will not be trying this drink again, ever! And to think that this is a recommended drink on their list. I love Yakult and maybe I should just have bought Yakult and put it in one mug and drank it. I find this drink bland for my taste and expensive at its price of P85 (large size). Well, charge it to experience.

Also, would like to share that I have also tried another variant of the Rock Salt and Cheese which is the Green Tea (another recommended drink) but I find it too bitter for my taste. But I loved the foamy & frothy topping of course, but not the green tea part.

Important: If you are ordering the Rock Salt and Cheese variants (Green Tea, Cocoa & Coffee), never ever mix your drink up. Chug it the normal style, straight up. I did a wrong move and used a straw to mix it up so I can mask the bitterness of the green tea and suddenly, the frothy and sweet goodness of the rock salt and cheese was no more. Lesson learned. :(

Happy Lemon
- Greenhills Promenade
- Eastwood Mall
- Powerplant Mall
- Trinoma Mall (4/F)
- SM Megamall Bldg A (3/F)

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