18 January 2012

DAY 3: Guimaras Day Tour (The Bacolod-Guimaras-Iloilo Trip)

Guimaras, here we come!!!

We started early, woke up at 6am then took turns at the bathroom. It was nice to just laze around at the hotel room and just take our sweet time, however, our itinerary could not wait any longer and our Guimaras guide, Kuya Gerald, has already texted us. We have a long day ahead of us. Yey!

From the EON Centennial Hotel, we took a cab going to the wharf and it was just a short ride. That's primarily the reason why I chose this particular hotel, because of its proximity to the wharf. Also, it's a very nice hotel. I originally wanted Sarabia Manor as they also offered budget accommodations but they were fully booked already. Iloilo Buiness Hotel was another choice but the price was not right for us. I've stayed in both hotels so I guess a new hotel experience was a welcome choice.

So here's our story for the day:

The boat ride is just a 15-20min trip and priced at less than P20/pax. Nice! So easy to go to Guimaras!
We own the boat! Well, for 20mins at least. Since we did not want to wait any longer, we paid  for the boat's occupancy  in full. 
Welcome indeed =)
Our ride..all 6 of us! Amazing how we all fit in along with our bags =)
Cramped at the back but ready for the adventure, nonetheless. 
Tree-lined roads..fresh air..roughing it..Loved it!

1st stop: The Smallest Plaza
Very picturesque..
2nd stop: Pasalubong shopping. All products are made from Guimaras' world famous MANGOES. =)
Got the Mango Ketsup and Mango Jam. I also bought mango-flavored Piaya, by the way.  Different from the Piayas that I grew up eating but its definitely delicious as well
This is where we shopped for pasalubong
3rd stop: Museo de Guimaras. It was closed, darn, so we just took photo ops.
Our tour guide/driver Kuya Gerald was so awesome! He volunteered in taking our photos , drove cautiously, knowledgeable in the island life and famous! A lot of the locals know him. =)
Another stopover place, but nothing caught our fancy so we just moved on to the next stop
Roadside overlooking spots. So relaxing! 

4th stop: At the Trappist Monastery, one of the monks prayed over us and it worked, we all had a great stay at Guimaras. This monk definitely had no qualms, he was so accommodating. I guess he was so used to dealing with all kinds of visitors as this place is a tourist spot to all those who go here. =) 
It was solemn here. A nice place to meditate, if you have the time. Since almost all who goes to Guimaras are bakasyunistas, they rarely have time to ponder on deeper things. But well, they can also do it at the beach. With the soft waves at the background, you can do all the meditating that you need anywhere you like. 

More mango products to choose from! Mango Otap, etc. 
Looks like broccoli to me, but they're mango trees. So pretty to look at =)

Of course, a jump shot should not  be missed! Good thing vehicles do not pass that often in this road
OL, short for overlooking! A sight to behold..
A bit closer shot
I guess this is the part where we last saw Harold's bag (we do not have any idea how it  got lost! ). 
5th spot: Guisi Lighthouse. Honestly, I was not in awe of this spot. I guess during its heyday, it was beautiful, but now,  one has to be really careful not to get a scratch or the same because the metal is already rusty. I wanted to climb up, however, my common sense got the better of me. But I'm happy with our visit here as the view here is spectacular as well. And the ruins surrounding the lighthouse provided a nice provision for photo ops. I wished I could see the view atop a lighthouse, well, there's always a next time. =)
The words of warning are so obvious. We just followed suit. =)
Nice surroundings. Hide and seek, anyone? =)
Thanks kuya Gerald, for taking this photo =)
A new lighthouse is being constructed. In the future, I hope to climb that one =)
Ahh, country life. I could stare at that view for a very long time. 

The beach awaits..
A grueling trip..because of the tricycle ride, haha! But fun still! Despite one of our friends losing his baggage (with his IDs on it), we still enjoyed the trip, even Harold. Carpe Diem, right? =)

Ryan Reyes - for the awesome photos
Kuya Gerald - our very mabait tour guide/driver/part-timehotographer. He gives affordable rates. His number is 0908-4748122.

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  1. You should have climbed to the top of the old lighthouse. It has breathtaking views. :)

  2. Hi Gabz, I know right, I really should have! Just got a bit wee scared that day. The old saying is really true..'nasa huli ang pagsisisi'. Next visit, I'm going to make it come true. =)

  3. great post and pics.. this will be super helpful for our short guimaras stop-over..
    will contact kuya gerald as well.
    happy travelling...

    1. Hi, thank you for the appreciation. Just in case, kuya Gerald's FB is Cherald Padojenog. For added info :)


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