11 January 2012

DAY 2- Iloilo's Night Life at Smallville (The Bacolod-Guimaras-Iloilo Trip)

Our 2nd day of the trip and to give a short recap of our destinations for the day, this is where we went so far:

1) Mambukal Resort at Murcia, Bacolod City
2) Pasalubong shopping at the famous and well-loved BongBong's Piaya & Barquillos Pasalubong Center at Araneta St., Bacolod City
3) Grabbed a late lunch at Umbao Manokan at the, again, famous Manokan Country at Bacolod City
4) Rode the fast ferry going to Iloilo ( I actually do not remember if we rode the Super Cat or Weesam Express). But tip to travelers, much better to book it ahead of time, just have your slots reserved, then you pay for it when you get to the ticket counter. That's what we did. =)
5) Checked in at the Eon Centennial Plaza Hotel in Jalandoni St., Iloilo City (awww, was not able to take pics of our room and the hotel). The staff here are very welcoming and courteous. I liked it here! =)
6) Dinner at Breakthrough Restaurant ( I already did a separate post on this months ago..check it out: http://luvleegurl.blogspot.com/2011/10/foodie-thoughts-breakthrough-restaurant.html )

Whew! That was it! But the night is still young and our projected curfew for ourselves was still hours away so we finished the last itinerary for the day which is to taste, or even just to have whiff of Iloilo City's nightlife which is located at Smallville. It's the most happening place in the city! The last time I was here, back in 2007 maybe, I was checked in at the Iloilo Business Hotel and at that time, the place was already known but now, it's much more famous and more larger. They have expanded a whole lot already.

There were lots of people because it was also a Friday night, gimmick night. You can see people from all ages, may it be groups of friends or families, so I guess I can say that it is a wholesome place, just like Eastwood City here in Quezon City. So after our fantastic seafood dinner at Breakthrough Resto, we decided to have our desserts here at Smallville. So from Breakthough, we hailed a cab and paid for P120 to get us to Smallville. Upon arrival, we walked the entire length of the place scouring for a dessert place and we found one, Nothing But Desserts, and luckily, there was a table just recently vacated. Here is some of our photos:

What a beautiful night..with friends, enjoying our desserts, talking and relaxing. Loved it!
Just chillin'
Lotsa customers! Why? They offer a wide array of desserts from pastries to gelato, take your pick. 
Here they are! So many and so pretty. For such pretty masterpieces, they are awfully cheap. Loved it! Prices started at P50. 
Me? I just had one of these. I wanted something cold as the night is a little balmy. But that did dampen our moods. I guess nothing can, for this night. =)
More! More! More!
Just got to have that photo taken
A cake to remember Iloilo by
Another place that we visited. Just across from Nothing But Desserts. Coffee, anyone?
They also have pastries and sandwiches to choose from. My friend Melvin just ordered for a sandwich. We already got the sweet tooth delights at the 1st place.

Uhmm, their Sansrival was not in tune with my tastebuds. Sorry. 
We're ready to call it a night! 

Overall take, it's still the same Smallville that I've been to years before but now, it's much more grander with so much places to choose from. Choices are very good. =)

We went back to the hotel around 12mn. We were headed to Guimaras early the next day. Whee! =)

Located in Mandurriao, Iloilo City

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