19 January 2012

DAY 3- Nature fun & adventure at Camp Alfredo (The Bacolod-Guimaras-Iloilo Trip)

Guimaras is an oasis of nature-ly things to do. Drive around the countryside, taste the best mangoes in the whole wide world, laze around the beach, go snorkeling, meet face-to-face with sea creatures such as tortoises and such big fishes and a whole lot more! That's Guimaras. Just a stone's throw away from Iloilo. Specifically, 15-20 minutes boat ride away.

To give details on our earlier itinerary (whole story here http://luvleegurl.blogspot.com/2012/01/day-3-guimaras-day-tour-bacolod.html), we were able to visit:
1) the Smallest Plaza
2) Pasalubong shopping (mangoes! mangoes! mangoes!)
3) Museo de Guimaras (it was closed, bummer! but had photo ops)
4) saw some great OL (overlooking) hotspots
5) Trappist Monastery
6) Guisi Lighthouse

Whew! For this new place, I wanted to give this place its own blog as we really had a great time here. It's Guimaras' nature fun and adventure..Camp Alfredo! It' a camp site and they have a zip line too! Of course, we have got to try it. Good thing someone has mentioned this place to me a month before our trip so I was able to research about this.

It was such as exercise for me to go around Camp Alfredo as everything is located uphill and downhill so my legs were taut with strain afterwards but it was all worth it. If I remember correctly, we paid like P500 each to experience the zipline and the hanging bridge. But I think they have different rates now, much lower I think.

So anyway, here goes the Camp Alfredo experience:

the downhill trip first going to the bar/resto and the admin office
Scaredy-cat Melvin. Shame on you, big guy! haha! Kidding! =)
Ryan the photographer/videographer who chronicled the entire trip. Thanks  mucho again! 
We are so ready. At this point, we walked uphill again. Cardio exercises here!
Ryan first who gave it a try
Then yours truly. Zip lining while wearing a skirt =D
Then Mayen's turn. I could hear her shrieking even from the other end. Haha!
Melvin's was a bit of a slow ride. I guess it was  nice coz he really  took in the moment
300 meters of zip line. Not that impressive but it was worth a try. Anyway, the feeling was exhilarating as you speed by. It was nice to give it a shot again and again until you get tired and the adrenaline leaves your body. =)
Then after the zip line, you have to go back to base through the hanging bridge. Loved it! But was scared at the same time. Just the smallest of moves created a reaction from the bridge. The fear of falling is exciting! It was such a rush to actually finish it after a few, yet, long minutes at the bridge. See the expression of fear on my face?! Funny! =)
Will try more hanging bridges in the near future! Face thy fear!  =)
Getting nearer..Almost there at the next stopover which is a big and tall tree

After the hanging bridge, you have the option to come down either by zip line again or by rappelling. I chose zip line, no way am I gonna rappel wearing my skirt. Though even if I was not wearing a skirt, I would still choose zip line. Haha! 
Melvin did rappel going down. He was happy. He did the zip line, the hanging bridge then rappel his way  down. Nice!
We were all famished afterwards so we had our lunch here at Camp Alfredo. This was my order. I thought it was like a rice meal but I was so wrong. But well, I liked it. 
All my other companions had the chicken inasal as they took an instant liking to  the inasal from Bacolod. For this order, it was not the same like in the Manokan Country stalls but it did served its purpose. It was just a-ok. 
Fun! Fun! Fun!
Overall take on this side trip..a THUMBS UP! We can really say that we experienced the best that Guimaras has to offer to its visitors aside from their great beaches.

For details on Camp Alfredo, check out:

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