20 January 2012

DAY 3: Villa Igang Beach Resort's Hidden Wonders (The Bacolod-Guimaras-Iloilo Trip)

We had a very eventful day at Guimaras and it was finally time to go to our resort to do some relaxing. We had a reservation at Villa Igang and it was a place that is not yet spoiled. I've done some 'extensive' research for this trip and I stumbled upon this place in one of the blogs that I have read. I gave several other choices a call but I liked Villa Igang. It is not a big place, I can say this is pretty rustic and intimate. It's just a piece of paradise in the midst of little islands surrounding the province.

Let me share what Villa Igang has along the way down here:
That's more than a handful of starfishes! We picked each one, some are near the shore and some submerged in the water. But after this photo op, we carefully returned them in the water. That's what we call respect. Hehe =)

These starfishes are rough and big. We observed them when they move and how the minute tentacles, or legs, come out from underneath so they could wiggle or move around. Creepy yet awesome! 
A cave that is open on both ends. The other side faces Villa Igang's beach while the other end has an  entrance that lets the water in from the open ocean. 
So nice to just sit in the water and have a tete-a-tete with a friend or two. In our case, all four of us. There was also a starfish in the water with us and 'he/she/it' allowed us to play with him. =)
The water was not that cold and it was such a nice feeling because the water was crystal clear as well. My initial fear was of sea snakes but fortunately, there was none, I think. Well, what you don't know won't hurt you. right? =)
Low tide. I love it when its low tide as I'm not a good swimmer. Actually, I just stay  near the shore. Chicken! Better safe than sorry. 
So peaceful around here. 
Villa Igang has a dock that caught our interest for photo ops. What's so special with this was that, when dusk came, we just sat at the edge of the wooden dock, just listening to the soft crashing of the waves at the shore. With that as our background, we swapped stories while also lying down at this dock and staring at the starlit skies. Beautiful! 
A failed jump shot that was not captured by the camera. Haha! 
There it is. A piece of paradise. There's also a beach, but its a bit rocky, at the other side of that stairs. Choose your spot! There was just a couple of foreign tourists relaxing at the beach and our group. Simply relaxing, that's all I can say. 
I wondered what was the name of the beaches at my back.. never got to ask it from  the resort people though.

Our room with all our mess.  Tee-hee! We got 5 beds in this room.  =)
Our simple dinner. Sinigang and fish and shrimps. 
Our companion by night who crept near our table while the others were having a short drinking session.  Gotcha!
The view at Villa Igang early the next day:

The entrance to Villa Igang
Overall take: Even if Villa Igang is a much smaller place, you will definitely feel at home and at peace here. If that is what you are after, then this is the place.Not to forget to mention that their rate is very affordable as well. We just paid for P2,300 for the room, for all 6 of us. Winner! =)

Villa Igang Beach Resort
Poblacion Nueva Valencia, Guimaras

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  1. wow daming starfish! nextiem i'll visit this place too, sa raymen kasi ako nakapagstay.

  2. Very rich naman ang marine ecosystem diyan at ang mraming starfish :)

  3. Hi Chyng,

    Yep, dami talagang starfish near the shore, and ang laki nila. We picked them up then returned them one by one after the photo op. =)

  4. Hi Edmaration,

    That is so true for Guimaras. And so pristine and beautiful as well. It's a typical countryside place :)


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