03 January 2017

Photo Diary: Taipei, Taiwan Food Trips!

(This trip happened last 2014)

My Taiwan trip has been pretty amazing -- nice people, affordable expenses, old and modern cultural wonders and one of the most delicious food trips I've ever had!

Night market food staples are all a must try. Sadly, we were not able to try the stinky tofu because we thought we could have it on a different night but that did not happen. But yep, I have a reason to go back! I said to friends that food tripping in Taiwan is enough reason for me to go back there.

So here is what we had during our 3-day trip:
Pork cutlet that I ordered at the insanely elegant Taipei 101 food court.
This pickled side dish was so good. I had 2-3 portions of this.
Tried this Rose Tea Latte at a Starbucks branch near our hotel
Shilin Night Market is the most popular night market in Taipei and many tourists, as well as locals, flock here everyday to buy their favorite street foods as well as other non-edible items. It's a food mecca, I tell you! So many things to try but so little tummy space. 

TIP: Keep in mind that if you buy one food item, share it with your buddies so you will not feel full right away and have more space to try the rest. 
If feeling thirsty, they have lots of fresh juices that you can try.
This bread was a slice of heaven! Subtle flavors and soft to chew.
Sausage with what I first thought was sausage as well but it was rice. Ingenious!
Flavorful balls!
Another set of juice for the night. How I wish I can remember what this was but I can't. But it was sweet and refreshing.
Hot Star Chicken! Big and tasty! Originally from Taiwan and good that it is available here in Manila.
My favorite! This potato dish smothered with a lot of that cheese and filled with so many toppings!
This looks like trash but this was milk tea. And the presentation of the vendors, with all the flair and fancy moves, made this all the more exciting to drink!
Breakfast at Ximending District - also a well-known commercial district that totally comes to life at night! Our search for breakfast made us stop at this woman's stall. For the first round.
Pancake-like and quite filling. One was not enough for me as it was so delicious.
Din Tai Fung - A Michelin-starred restaurant that is known for their Xiao Long Bao. It was the first time for me to dine in such a prestigious place when it comes to great food.

Good thing the queue was short so we were able to sit ourselves right away
Xiao Long Bao! The soup inside was just right to whet one's appetite. One basket is not enough.
Our DTF experience!
Yakult! Yakult! And more Yakult! Or at least they were. Different brand I guess.
As big as my Samsung Note 2 phone. Loved it!

Ximending Night Market

The ingredients of my favorite potato dish -- corn, pineapple, egg, scallions and 3 types of meat. Plus the sauce and the cheese on top!
Carbo-loading! But so worth it.
More night market finds.
And Yakult-like drink that I took home in Manila
Now this is one unique, and a bit cringe-worthy, drink. White Bittergourd shake. Gosh! It was like any shake at first but the bitterness will follow after. Did not finish this at all.
Lunch on our last day.
Refreshing drinks
The famous Mango Shaved Ice. Three of us shared this one and it was so refreshing. And sweet and creamy. The shaved ice was so fine and milky.
Another cherry on top of our vacation was this rolled shaved peanut brittle taro ice cream with cilantro. Weird! But it will grow on you and you will like it. Same thing happened to me. 
Our last dinner before going to the airport. There was a typhoon coming and we were quite thankful that we were out of Taiwan before that happened. We were not prepared for one. But still, we bulked up some with our dinner and filled our tummies because we never know what could happen, if we will get stranded or not. Good thing, all was smooth for us.
This pork stew was the most tender and softest that I've had. Hands down! And delicious too!
Convenience store finds
Potato salad with shrimp bought from the neighborhood Family Mart.
Another salad.

See? Taiwan's street food will make you come back for sure. And it will not create a hole in your pocket. Everything was delicious!

Will have that stinky tofu soon!


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