11 January 2017

Baguio Eats: The Budget-Friendly Good Taste Restaurant

A Baguio food trip is a must when you are in the City of Pines. Why? Because there are lots of choices to fit every budget of every Juan.

One fine example of that is Good Taste Restaurant. While doing an online search, this place always pops up so it we heeded to the call of the masses and gave it a try.

Located near Burnham Park, they are conveniently situated and is very easy to locate. They are known for their big servings and very affordable prices. And, they said that they do not skimp on the ingredients. And yes, I can honestly say that do not skimp indeed. They are very generous!
Buttered Chicken (Php 170.00 half order)
Their bestseller. Very tasty and the chicken was cooked just right. Half order is good for 4-5 pax. There was four of us but we still took home the leftovers.
Lechon Chopsuey (Php 115.00)
Overflowing with fresh vegatables and I loved it. Though nothing special with the taste, just regular chopsuey, but the serving size was humongous! 
Sweet and Sour Pork (Php 145.00)
Average tasting but a big bang for your buck.
Beef Broccoli (Php 125.00)
What I enjoyed most here is the crisp broccoli flavored with the sauce. I had lots! But the beef was a bit tough.
The building serves a lot of customers and during peak hours, a queue is formed outside. Good thing, my parents are both senior citizens so they were prioritized and we just waited for 5 minutes.
Apart from the good food, they also have breads and pastries. Just come on to the ground floor and take your fill of a sweet ending or for take-out.
This huge restaurant is open 24/7 so you can drop by anytime you feel like eating. For solo diners, they do have rice toppings. For those with a big group, you have come to the perfect place.

Price-wise, you get great value for your money. The serving sizes are good enough for 3-4pax or 4-5pax, depending on the appetite. Taste-wise, it is not the best but it is not bad either. They have some dishes that really stood out for me like the Buttered Chicken and Pansit Canton (though I was not able to take a good photo of this).

So, will I come back again? Of course, yes! Much better if with a big group so it will be fun ordering a lot and then share the foods.


Good Taste Restaurant and Cafe
Carino St. Baguio City, 
Tel. #: +632 443 7959
Facebook: Good Taste Restaurant and Cafe

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