02 February 2015

Vittorio's Steakhouse

If you happen to drop by the Kamuning area and in need of sustenance, drop by Vittorio's Steakhouse for good supply of protein  found in their relatively affordable yet quality steaks and other dishes.

Barely new in the area (I believe they opened last quarter of last year), they are slowly, but surely, gaining momentum in the foodie scene.

Overload Pizza (Php 315)
This was the most expensive in their pizza choices so we expected a lot. When it came, I was disappointed because it looked very simple. But like what they say, do not judge a book by its cover, it tasted so good! Something to do with the dough, I believe. Very very good!
Vittorio's Baby Backribs (Php 710) - full rack
Very flavorful and tender. Meat falls of the bone. But I must say, I still love ribs from restos in Bacolod City because they have more meat in their bones. Ribs here in Manila, in my experience, have limited meat. But they're still good. 
Corn & Carrots and Fries. Came with the ribs. Winner!
Angus Top Sirloin 400grams (Php 710)
We ordered it medum-well and we loved it. Me and my friends could not stop taking slices once it was served. Well, aside from the fact that we were hungry,  their steak was so good that we cleaned up the plate pretty fast. No need for gravy since it's flavorful already.
Simple interiors. You can take a peek while they prepare the food through the see-through glass. 

I'm not into spending huge amount of money on steaks but Vittorio's are reasonable compared to their other contemporaries. The service was great and we liked how simple everything is. No frills. Just great food and great service.



121 Forab Building, 

Kamuning Road, Kamuning, 
Quezon City
FB: Vittorio's Steakhouse


  1. I love Vittorio's too! I can't wait to get my hands on those steaks! :)

  2. Wow, the food is not as pricey and it looks definitely yummy too. Will check this out! Thanks for sharing! ^_^

  3. The price isn't bad at all!:) I bet my husband would love the steak. If only we lived in QC! We're down south pa kasi hehe

  4. Have to give this a try! The boys would love the steak. It looks delicious!


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